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  1. Think it is indeed a quick sim vs all problem... In my league (QMJHL and sim set to all) only 4 D-Men are in the top 50 in ratings. In the OHL and WHL though (set to quick sim), it's more like 45 D-Men in the top 50... And #50 having a rating as high as my #1. Nothing game breaking since the game doesn't seem to rely too much (at least for the junior leagues) on ratings for the drafts.. and since you can't make trades between leagues... Although, something I do find annoying in my game is how harsh the game is on rating defensemen. Even though they have, imo, great stats (my best D-Man is 38 pts in 59 games, +15, on my first pk and 2nd pp line) the game keep giving crappy ratings (6.36 for my player) Would be nice if the game could take more in consideration stuff like blocked shots, pp killed, takeaways and less stuff like points and penalties.
  2. On my 3rd season now and starting to notice an important problem with this bug : multiple AI teams don't play their games with a full roster. Hoping this get fixed soon, pretty sure the junior canadian leagues aren't the only ones having this issue.
  3. Same thing happenned to me on my first season. On my second, draft went good for the first 5 rounds, then all the ranked players disappeared and it's back to the full list of "college hockey" kids. At least the AI have the same problem... Also, after the draft, went back to check some of those undrafted ranked players. Tried to sign them but it says they must go through the draft first (the one the next year).
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