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  1. Part of the game is picking up players and trading. You just don't sit around with the same team. Making good trades, free agent signing and building up the team is also part of "being good" at the game.
  2. Well it just gets very boring. At first I thought it was great and that I was really good at the game and got a great team but when I can do it with any team almost it ain't no fun.
  3. I got 50 hours of gameplay so far on EHM and I have already "mastered" the game. I just won the stanley cup with the Calgary Flames in the first year and the president trophy. The only players I got(quite easily) was Gustaf Nyquist, Petr Mrazek, Rinaldo and Kovalchuk. The 4 players with most points in the league was all mine. I "only" had a PP of 21% and a PK of 89%. Jonas Hiller my starting goalie had a SV% of 0.930 and Mrazek 0.901. Current patch with roster update. I won 5 Le Mat trophys in the SHL in a row as Färjestad BK and the last year I played on that save my PK was on 94%.(This was a patch or two ago). 1 patch ago I also won the president trophy but lost in the stanley cup final as Minnesota Wilds and I did not trade anyone or change my roster besides picking up Chris Neil that barley played a game. Now I don't know generally speaking if this is a bug but it's quite easy to dominate the league.
  4. seems to me virtually all draft prospects are more developed in physical attributes than technical, which is quite off. isn't even half a point per game in the OHL in his draft year. Almost all players over 1 PPG are overagers so you end up with "top prospects" that aren't lighting up their draft leagues because their attributes are low, they then go to the NHL and those attributes don't really develop, so they're of marginal value and draft picks are worthless
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