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  1. Demo problem.

    This worked,cheers.
  2. Ive downloaded the demo but after all the load screens have been shown it goes to a screen full of blocks. Any ideas,folks? Cheers.
  3. Rangers and Portsmouth?

    All done. Cheers!
  4. Rangers and Portsmouth?

    Is it possible to deduct points from both Rangers and Portsmouth? Only seem to be able to do one or the other. Cheers.
  5. New PC.

    Gonna go for an HP Touchsmart 610-1100. £850. Intel® CoreTM i3-550 Processor.4 GB RAM.ATI Radeon HD 4270. Cheers for all the advice.
  6. New PC.

    Thanks for the input folks but its an all in one pc or nothing im afraid. Need to cut space around my office.
  7. New PC.

    Was thinking of this one-http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-touchsmart-310-1220uk-20-all-in-one-pc-10452195-pdt.html How would this fair with FM? Or this one-http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/packard-bell-onetwo-li6327-23-all-in-one-pc-10509028-pdt.html
  8. New PC.

    Around £600 to maybe £900tops. A lot of the all in ones have intergrated graphics but is processor speed more of a factor with FM. I currently have Intel Core 2CPU 6400@2.13Ghz 2.13Ghz and a ATI Radoen x1600 card and it works fine.
  9. New PC.

    I am soon to buy a new PC. Would a dedicated graphics card be better than an intergrated one? I was thinking of buying an all in one PC if you've any suggestions. Cheers.
  10. Olympic Stadium.

    Has anyone edited in the Olympic Stadium? If so,what specs did you create? Cheers.
  11. Changing player name colour.(3D)

    Bummer! Cheers anyway! lol
  12. Does anyone know how to change player name colour in 3D match mode?
  13. Does anyone know how to change colour of player names on 3d pitch?
  14. Im having the same problem!! Arrghh!
  15. The fact that you can't issue every player a shirt number.