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  1. It's the way takeovers always seem to occur over transfer windows that I find really annoying. Also I too have had a coaches given more time to finalise his qualifications - got the message every week/month for a season before he finally failed.
  2. Can't say I like the sound of spending a decade treading water at a mid-table league 2 club, with little chance of progressing no matter who who you buy or what tactics you employ.
  3. I much preferred FM in the days before the star system. They often seem arbitrary with coaches and scouts widely disagreeing, not to mention how they seem to bare little relation to match ratings. Back when you had to use your own judgement about a players from his attributes and history it felt much more fun than "hunt for a 4 star player 2015".
  4. On that basis I hope the match engine & transfer system never reaches that point as we'd end up with a very dull game indeed.
  5. I really would love to see more goals scored as a result of attacking skill, rather than as a result of the absurd defensive mistakes that least to 90% of goals currently.
  6. Are you saying agents' knowledge of clubs finances have somehow been programmed into the game?
  7. Um, it's not possible to prove a negative. Either way are you suggesting an agent is going to come out and say "I can confirm I don't know the wage structure at my client's club"? Under what circumstances would you envisage that happening?
  8. You are clutching at straws here. How on earth can an agent know the details of your finances and budgets? Who is to say a manager is not willing to offer a bumper contract far in excess of of what the current highest earner is getting? Maybe the manager can successfully petition the board for additional funds to make a deal happen. I don't understand this constant need for posters and especially mods to defend elements of the game that are demonstrably broken. Maybe if the fanboys were a bit more honest about the elements of the game that do not work, they would get addressed sooner by the
  9. Goalmouth scramble in opponents box; ball eventually hacked away. Goalmouth scramble in your box; goal.
  10. Had some fun times at Parma who were newly promoted to Serie A. Took load of former veteran players with me from various clubs I'd managed over the years and went on to dominate the league.
  11. If anyone thinks the issue needs illustrating I'll upload screen shots, but it's not a difficult situation to recreate so for the time being I wont.
  12. I should have the option to tell him to put a request in - he should have the option to say no and becoming a disruptive influence. It's the double whammy of having to pay the loyalty bonus AND supposedly having promised to sell him. I either take the hit on the bonus or have a player (and teammates) complaining that I have broken a promise to sell am individual that I never made. I don't have time to mess about uploading screen shots but suffice to say the player is the first one to mention leaving during the conversation
  13. I know player interaction is weak generally, but this really annoys me: A rotation player comes to me with the usual demands for first team football. I ask for him to put some good reserve performances in first, whereupon he throws his toys out of the pram. As he's bloody useless anyway I tell him that if he wants to leave, NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO TELL ME.. He says leaving the club would be for the best. This is fine by me. However when I click on his Transfer tab, no transfer status is set despite him just telling me he wants to leave. If I click on the infamous Promises tab, then appa
  14. Players shooting from utterly impossible angles. Just ******* stop it. The issue has been in the game for years and it REALLY needs sorting out. Clubs simultaneous making arbitrary yet identical bids for players. Do they all have a meeting beforehand to decide amongst themselves what to offer? The UI is still terrible compared to last year. Why not address the actual problems within the game rather than breaking something that wasn't broken in the first place? It's just change for changes sake so that the promotional screenshots looked different to last year.
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