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  1. Seems like you're right about not many people experiencing this, i only find mentions of it a few places. That makes me less than hopeful about finding a solution . I play on my laptop (Lenovo g580) with windows 8.1. My mouse is called microsoft comfort 4500. I find it hard to believe that the mouse is the culprit here, though, as it happens on both the touchpad and the mouse.
  2. i can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet. Using the mouse wheel or touch pad to scroll is basically a gamble, whether you'll go up or down or end up on a completely different page. Not only is the scrolling itself totally uncontrollable, if you hover the cursor over a player in the roster list, for example, you'll enter that player's page when you scroll.
  3. Same, I just can't get windowed mode. Same here. Mildly annoying.
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