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  1. cannot purchase in game editor, error code 1 any idea why this happen?
  2. AI asking price is very crazy, i want to buy vidal from juventus and juventus set asking price 241 million pounds. meanwhile clubs always bid below value for my players.
  3. can you make instant home grown status for a player? it will be very helpful
  4. greedy AI transfer, very expensive at selling, fookin cheap, worse than uncle Scrooge, when bidding my players. PSG is interested buying Fabio Quagliarella in beginning second season. his value is 6 million pound, PSG always comes at max 4.7 million pound. i negotiate to 6 million pound, PSG withdraw. what strange is I offered him to all clubs at 6 million pound sale value. Man City, United, and PSG come. but PSG agree with 6 million pound. I think AI to self initiate self bidding is foookin cheap.
  5. something wrong with this transfer system...in beta version, the bids is easily accepted with 30-50% more than value. it is also easy to sell unwanted players on same value. now, the full version, it is really hard to sell on same value. always got bid much below value, says 30-50% lower than value, even for 100+ million transfer budget like Paris Saint German. and buying players is ridiculously expensive. cortuis must pay around 55 million cash upfront and 15 based on performance, where the value is 10 million. i remember someone give input that transfer is too easy to happen. but now
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