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  1. Would be nice if we can see small changes in loan screen. Adding filter to league and country will save time of scrolling down and we will get more teams to loan players. I'm also still waiting for red/green arrows visualisation to see player development in player attribute screen.
  2. Would be nice if we can loan players from NHL to Europe. Mostly Swedish and Finnish prospects.
  3. I'm also waiting to see green/red arrows attribute changes in the player profile. Besides would be nice If we can in game how in FM ask board to find new farm/affiliate team.
  4. My propositions and small wishes 1. Input button "Show effects of training" on player profile screen with ↑ ↓ how it was in FM 2. Place advert in job center for what staff we're looking for 3. Possibilities to ask GM of affilliates club for players which could be send to our team. For example I take control HC Vita Hasten and can ask GM Orebro HK for which players he could send to our team. 4. Possibilities to offer to all club player puted on transfer list how it was in FM, not only offer out of loan That's all for now Thanks for making this game perfect!
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