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  1. Problem is also connected with salary cap issue. AI renewing too many contracts and cause of full salary cap they can't sign these RFAs. AI also don't know that have to pay for taking space cap contracts. They are putting not needed players on block but no one is interested of take these players. We need some improvement here.
  2. On our latest release we had 3 NHL top stars stayed on free transfer - Jacob Trouba, Hampus Lindholm, Rickard Rakell. Problem is that seems AI with NHL teams didnt much interested of resign them and they sign in KHL. I tested twice and get the same results. Riz Could You implement some tweak for NHL teams that they will be more interested of resign their TOP RFA players? I post some screens. Thanks.
  3. I suspected in 2 different new saves teams sometimes sign players and in the same day or next release them on _ufa. I put this on screen and uploaded save in fm/game_save/sign_release_bug.zip
  4. This is not exactly issues but I think starting game option "Add extra players for playable teams" need some tweak for junior teams - U20, U18, U16. While I mark this option for these age category teams we get too young players. I put some example for Czech U20 league. Grey players shown mostly well with their age which is also visible on screen. I think the best way to fix it would be if we will get extra players for playable junior teams in the same ages as grey ages screen. Riz could You have a look on this?
  5. The pop-up saying that the WHL Bantam draft is about to start is reappearing a second time right after the draft.
  6. It appear after 1.4 update. With save from 1.3 is okay
  7. We can only edit nicknames for clubs in old editor.
  8. I used TBL 9.0b. I look on this cause we can't edit national team nicknames. It appear after importing db from 07 format. If You wish I can send You. Other nations seems okay.
  9. There is some unexpecting letters in for example Czech National Team Nickname. Could You have a look on this? Thanks.
  10. I think I'm not alone with that problem. Some players also report this problem. I'm not using 2D. No matter I'm on Boxscore or Game View screen it works the same. I checked it after new update and on Key only options it works fine but when you have highlights NONE clock is unstoppable. Could You check it? Thanks. My specs and settings below: Windows 7 pro x64 Intelcore i3 2330m Intel HD Graphics 3000 dual with GeForce GT540M 4GB memory Zoom OFF Puck trace OFF Highlights NONE Clock speed LOW Action speed SLOW/VERY SLOW
  11. Glad to hear that You have found some time to work on Editor. Could You tell us how far with work on Editor we are? I mean possibilities to activate inactive leagues with Editor.
  12. I think we still have clock speed issue. When I watch game without highlights, just text clock is still rushing no matter which speed I choose. It's really hard to make decisions when clock speed is unpredictable. Riz are You still planning to fix clock issue?
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