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  1. Hey Thanks for helping me out I have changed to this formation now, since I felt my defense was pretty weak: (and got myself back to first place in the league) So, if I understand correctly, I should exploit the middle more, if I want to play more of a possesion style of football? Would placing my wingers behing my strikers like this work better for that style? Or would that leave my flanks too open? Thanks
  2. I play FMC so that shouldn't be an issue? I changed things a bit like u guys said. And while I'm winning a bit more, it's not very convincing. All my goals come from either a rebound or penalty. My players just can't finnish their changes. They will miss against a open goal. Kick the ball straight at the keeper, or just kick it at the defense line... And i'm still losing against very weak teams. I'm thinking about using someone elses tactic, because if I keep losing like this i'm probably going to get sacked lol. I guess my biggest problem is not knowing a lot about football and failing to see where things go wrong ingame and if I see them, not really knowing how to fix them Been a while since a game makes me want to punch my screen, but its coming close.. lol
  3. Thanks for the help guys So I've applied some of your advice and went on a win streak and ended second in the league. Now... Second season starts and i'm at the bottom of the table, on a five lose streak... I have more possesion and shots in everygame but I still manage to lose or play a draw...
  4. Hey guys So i've just had a pretty succesfull season with Anderlecht. I've only lost 2 league games (which I lost at end of the season). And even managed to beat Ath Madrid. So I was quite happy with that since I don't know a lot about football, and thought I'd never manage to play a good season on this game. Now, second season in... Losing against bad teams, doing very bad in my champions league group. I have no idea why. Could someone guide me in the right direction? This is my tactic right now:
  5. Hello Could anyone explain why one would run more leagues? What I was expecting is that you can only buy players from the league that you select. However, it seems like I can buy English league players even tho I only loaded the Belgian league. So I'm a bit confused right now.
  6. Looked up some tactics for Chelsea, now I'm winning but I still don't know what I'm doing haha. But its getting better ^^ I just got into football really, so I don't know much about it, but I guess it wille improve. thanks
  7. Hey I'm new to this game, and well... it isn't easy to get into, well for me atleast. Any tips to get into the game a bit easier? Because now I barely know what i'm doing. There is so much to take in at once, transfers, youth teams, tactics, speaking with players, motivating and all that stuff... i'm kinda lost. I'm playing with chelsea right now and I lose to teams I normally should destroy lol.. So any tips?
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