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  1. Download from this link: https://mega.nz/#!KA1jCLTL!JwWxFQsEJmwFC0LUU0m4QS-W6ZWnsf1E3E8FTBXAIIA Emil posted it in fmscout. Somehow it is not included in the latest version.
  2. Small issue but not game breaking. Selected options are not highlighted.
  3. There should be a folder name "---VITREX MODS---" included, if not re-download the file. Just go into the folder "Player profile view\Low-Res Friendly" and copy the files into your directory "Football Manager 2016\skins\Vitrex16 2.0\panels". This will overwrite some existing files, which is ok. Reload skin afterwards. Re-download the file. It was updated awhile ago.
  4. For the hi-res panels to show all details, you must be in full screen mode with resolution of at least 1920 x 1080. It will be cut off if playing in windows mode or even borderless. Your best bet is to switch over to the low-res panel included if you want to continue playing in window mode, which I did too.
  5. Amazing work! Slight problem, I want to change to the low-resolution panels but there are no files in the folder.
  6. I'm talking about aduh not Drakestone. He altered the original Elegance 15 not the rebooted.
  7. Yea, certainly not smart to edit without permission. But the thing here is that skin he alter is not Elegance Rebooted but from the original Elegance 15. So he should seek permission from the original creator instead. Is a pity there's no news from Drakestone lately, imo the best skin out there so far.
  8. You might want to check this. http://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/360/guide-to-cutting-and-assorted-hints-tips-and-assistance
  9. That is on a smaller resolution so not all panels are shown.
  10. Just change from the dropdown to whatever panel you want.
  11. Alright thanks, manage to remove it.
  12. Can I have a guide to remove the attribute background in player profile?
  13. Amazing skin! Have the same issue as you. Happens in both club overview and player profile.
  14. Guess the only option is to start a new game with the updated file for 15.3.0. Don't think there's any workaround with our save, but good thing is only 1 season, imagine if is like 3+ season in. Im gonna be really sad.
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