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  1. Yeah I get the invite from the league for my under 18s but not the u23's
  2. For some reason my team - Bath City - are now in championship but still I don't get u23 league invites and they only play random friendlies! What do I need to do to get the u23's playing competitively any help would be appreciated as I have been through as many options as I can find to activate something!
  3. Looking for advice please I have managed to get Bath City into the Prem - used the KnapPreachingblues100 in the play off final after getting 6 wins/ 3 draws and 1 loss int he run in using 442 MrHough tweak. I basically have 25m to build a team who can earn a bit of respect in the prem - with basically a whole new team required. I am looking at using KnapPreachingblues100 away and the new betaPreachintheblues with the IW higher up the pitch at home - will this work for the complete underdog or is there a better option for lowest ranked team in the prem? Want to give myself the best shot with the youngsters I bring in
  4. Unfortunately the new 442 has helped with the losses - it has converted them into draws - i think some of it may be down to the quality of the players I have at my disposal - the board will not upgrade training facilities and i get so many injuries its unreal - two broken legs (at same time), fractured spine, endless - I don't think I have played my starting 11 since August (am now in March!) How would I send you the save sir?
  5. HI - I am playing as Bath City currently in the championship (VNS (1st), VN(PO), L2(1st) and L1(2nd) all using venom and faith original) Players are not the best but I was 3rd until xmas (played this season on 2.4 beta) using the latest venom and faith but then I started to lose every game as the ME started killing me even though I have greater number of shots on target, possession etc basically getting FM'd in every game ! I am changing over to the 109 442 to see if that helps it seems to have halted the poor run of games will update with results Thanks for all the good work Knap and Mr H.
  6. I have played 5 months of demo as Liverpool using the unbeaten tactic - there are some frustrations with player movement in places but overall I am unbeaten in the league with only 1 draw (ars away) and one losss to Lille in the Eurocup.
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