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  1. Steps: 1) Send scout on permanent trip. Wait until news says "finished scouting trip". 2) Export scout's first permanent trip, leave scout on permanent trip. 3) When news says "finished scouting trip" for a second time, use Export as. Crash happens after about 2-3 seconds of loading without any error dialog. Savegame uploaded to ownCloud: "Season2018_Bug.sav". Follow steps to recreate: 1) Select GM for "Marlies". 2) Open Scouting. 3) Select scout "Tim Bernhardt". 4) Search - Export As If scout is recalled from the assignment, the crash doesn't happen.
  2. 1) 2) There's also still an issue where if a team takes a penalty with the goalie pulled manually, the goalie returns to the net and won't come back out until after the next faceoff and only after you've manually re-pulled him from the tactics screen . It also automatically resets to not pull the goalie if you enter the tactics and click "pull goalie" before the faceoff is ready to be taken. 3) Also, pulling your goalie in OT in North American leagues (NHL, AHL, OHL, WHL, etc) where an extra point is awarded for losing in OT or a Shootout should result in a loss of the extra point. This is currently not the case. 4) In Scout --> Player Search and Scout --> Shortlist pages, filtering only scouted players doesn't work. 5) Lastly, all North American leagues (NHL, AHL, OHL, WHL, etc) as well as all IIHF tournaments (I can't speak for the European leagues) should always have a faceoff after a penalty in the offensive zone. This is currently only the case for the NHL.
  3. So I found this interesting. In the NHL, the referee page is 100% alright. However, in the AHL, the referee page shows the NHL refs as well. In the OHL, if I click "referees" on the OHL league page, the game loads for about 5 seconds, then crashes. I don't get any error report. Edit: Uploaded save to FTP as OHLRefCrash.sav. Load, go to World --> Leagues --> Canada --> OHL --> Referees and it crashes.
  4. My "wishlist", as it were (in no particular order): 1) Make rules and CBA's editable. Not only would it allow for more replay-ability (making it harder to get tired of playing, even after years), but it would make it easier to modify for the geeks like me who love to create historical files or other wacky leagues. I suppose it might be unlikely, especially if this becomes a yearly franchise again, as it would make buying the new one each year less necessary, but even just a barebones rule options page would improve it, IMO. 2) Make it an option to name permanent captains and/or to dress 3 assistant captains. I know it was really annoying in EHM07 where I had to name someone captain when Mats Sundin was scratched (preseason or due to injury). Most NHL teams IRL name captains who they don't replace when they're out of the lineup or don't even have a captain in the first place. I find it annoying that we have to name a captain for every game (and, to a lesser extent, not having to name 2 assistant captains like most real leagues do). 3) Would like to have an "add entire page to shortlist" option for when viewing roster pages. It can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming to add a page of 20-40 players to the shortlist one at a time by right clicking and then left clicking, especially when you get confused and lose your spot and have to check back to see who's already added. As an addition to this, the auto-add to shortlist triggers (inquire in trade, invite to training camp, offer a UFA a contract) can also get quite annoying, as most of the time these triggers occur for players who should already be scouted. 4) An option to set training schedules or "triggers" so that players automatically change when certain conditions are met (for example, if a player's condition goes below a certain percentage, place them on "rest", or if a certain attribute reaches a certain level or drops, place them on a corresponding training program). Probably complex, but this isa wishlist. 5) In-game view changes: a) Make saving individual line tactics an option (as in, save the 1st line only), or at least make it possible to swap an entire line to another line (ie: swap line 1 to line 2). b) Make it possible to actually bethe coach and change lines on the fly (and, if I'm being extra greedy, create a system where you can give players motivation or pointers on the bench). Would make it more interactive and reduce the frustrations when the coach, whether you have one or not, puts out the line you don't want to be out at a particular time. c) Probably will happen, but make the player icons in the game more varied. Right now, it looks like there's 3 templates: face to the left side of the rink, the top of the rink or fall down. It makes it look really silly on the faceoffs (is the road team mooning the home team? ) and when the goalie makes a save on the bottom of the screen by turning away from the shooter. The goalie's stick also seems to be placed similarly to a skater's (to his side instead of in front). Obviously this is low priority. 6) In a similar vein to 5b), and as it appears others above me are asking for, the option to match the opponents line manually instead of with the finite preset options. 7) Also I'm sure this is being worked on tirelessly, but adding more leagues will only improve the quality of the game. I, for one, am finding this game less enjoyable than 07 due to the fact that there's only 5 countries to choose from instead of the 8-10 we had with 07. Especially the British and German leagues. There's more I'm sure I'm forgetting. I'll add if/when I think of them. PS. Is there an official improvements thread, or is this it?
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