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  1. Not sure about the "pass into space" TI. In this current form, your system is fairly compact, and space will more often than not be available on the flanks. However, you don't have player in those areas to take advantage of that. Also, I'm not sure why your AF's average position wasn't a bit higher (or the DLS's lower). Did you check their PPMs?
  2. Thanks for the replies. @nightwalker22 : I'll keep that in mind. However, if I change the WP to an attack duty I'll have to probably balance things out elsewhere, and I'm liking the overall balance of the system. I will probably see if I can achieve a similar result via a specific PPM ! @summatsupeer : Silly as it sounds, it hadn't even occured to me that I could switch the SS ans CF sides. I'll try it asap and carefully observe. About the specific roles : I really, really like what I'm seeing from my CFs. He drifts around a lot and is very available for passes. I'll try what you suggested though, as in a more static role (an AF perhaps) but on paper I'm not certain that's how I want my system to play. As for the SS, I chose that role specifically because of the frequent forward runs. If anything, I'd like him to bomb forward even more. I could perhaps achieve that by going structured, though this would mean some other areas will not work as I want them to..... erf, the never-ending grind is never-ending
  3. Hello. This is my current setup. I've had some success with it, however a few things don't work out how I intended, and I'd appreciate your help in helping me understand why. The system : Standard – fluid ; play out of defense, prevent GK short distribution, pass into space …………………CFs………………………………………. ………………………………………SS……………………. WPs……….CMd……………CMs…………..WMa ……………………………………………………………….. FBa……….CDd…………….CDd……………….FBs Notable PIs : CFs : dribble less, close down much more (has the PPM plays 1-2s) SS : close down much more (has the PPM plays 1-2s) WPs : dribble less CMd : dibble less, less risky passes CMs : dribble less, WMa : dribble more, run wide with ball This system works pretty well, however in a unexpected fashion. 1 ) I believed my SS would be the primary goal threat and in reality he’s my primary creator. I find that he doesn’t run forward as soon and as often as I would like. He’s currently learning the get futher forward PPM. Until then though, I’d like a bit more penetration from him. Do you think I might achieve that by changing the CF-s to a role that drops deeper ( the idea being that he might create more space to exploit). I’m reluctant to do that though, as the role currently works wonders with frequent lateral movement. 2 ) I’m not happy with the CMs directly behind the SS. While the 2 rotating players perform very well, I find that he plays too close to the shadow striker, particularly in the early transition when stand practically side by side. I’ve thought about changing him to a DLPs, so he would provide more cover for my aggressive right flank, however I’m afraid of not launching enough players in the attack. I’m also thinking about teaching him the “arrives late in area” PPM (or whatever it’s called). Do you think this could have the desired effect? 3 ) I’m torn about the WPs. On one hand he performs very well. I used to have him play more risky passes, but I realized that another 2 players were doing the same thing (SS and WMa, hardcoded) and changed it. The idea is to have him occupy a position behind the CF from where he can launch through balls to either the CF or the running SS. Would “more direct passes” work as intended? Thanks for reading!
  4. It is definitely possible but you have to pay very close attention to a couple of things : First they need to be able to support each other and not get in each other's way. You'll achieve that by giving them very distinct roles and duties. Oftentimes you'll see one of them specialised in scoring (AF or Poacher), another linking with the midfield (DLF, F9 etc) and another as a DF or a more utility role (maybe a T). You need to have varied movement between the three and thus creating space and opportunities. Obviously, this is just the general idea, different roles and duties will achieve different things. You might be able to cheese the AI by putting 3 AF with an AP behind them to distribute balls. I have seen it done but haven't tried it myself so I couldn't really say (I remain unonvinced though). Secondly, you need to both provide adequate support to them while maintaining a balance in your team. So you'll need to figure out a reliable way to get the ball to these 3 strikers. An option is putting a player in the AM position in order to provide support, but then you'll be comitted to only having 2 players in the CM position, placing a heavy defensive burden on them (they need to be very intelligent, hardworking, and defensively proficient players). Another is a 4 - 3 - 3 with 3 central mids. This is a bit more balanced IMO. Try it out and let me know how it goes !
  5. I've never been able to pull off a high tempo style of play and I'd be very interested in learning how. Are these points valid ? : - Need players with extremely good first touch, passing and very good mental abilities (decisions, flair) - Need lots of support duties - Need a formation that has a lot of natural triangles in it (though I guess it could be done in any formation, with a proper role & duty allocation). I'm basically applying the "standard" possession logic that I usually use. However I don't know how this would work with a higher tempo
  6. In a 4231 it's easy to get hit on the counter-attack as there is a lot of empty space in the flanks, and the issue gets highlighted even more with aggressive FB/WB. This can potentially explain why you are struggling against weaker teams, as they will tend to play a more compact and defensive game against you, drawing you forward and exploint the space you are leaving behind. It is crucial for your Central Midfielders to be able to both disrupt attacks and pass the ball. A DLP will probably work better than a B2B as he will hold his position better. And don't worry about him getting in the way of your other playmaker as they don't look to exploit the same space. Ideally you'll want players with good workrate there. EDIT for above My bad, I got confused. So if we add things up, do we get this : a default highish tempo (control mentality) + higher tempo (TI) = a tempo that is approximately the same as the default attacking mentality one ?
  7. Firstly, your midfield pair is too aggressive IMO. I'd change the B2B to a role that holds his position better (DLP d or S, CM s with the relevant PI, etc). Secondly, why are you playing those TIs? Specifically "higher tempo" combined with "retain possession" ? The "retain poss" shout reduces tempo and passing length, whereas the "higher tempo" has an opposite effect. Are you trying to play in a quick and short style, maybe even a one pass system? Because I don't find your roles to be working towards that : you've got an IF and a W who both like to dribble more and won't look for the pass as much as other roles would.
  8. In your case, the "big gap" your ass man is talking about can be due to the structured team shape. Plus the B2B has a lot or natural roaming. However, if you're noticing the ball gets to the area(s) of the pitch you want it to be in a reliable fashion, you can simply ignore your ass man alltogether. What exact problems are you experiencing? On paper, your tactics seems very long ball oriented to me. Your team mentality and W duties will make these players run forward very early, and your TM is acting like a long ball magnet. Does your APa or En get enough balls ? With this setup, I would think he gets bypassed a lot, no ?
  9. Hello. I've been trying to experiment with a 3-5-2 formation. I have been tweaking it a lot, and I ended up with no one on attack duty (though, while no player has an attacking duty, a few of them do behave in a more attacking way due to PPMs and PIs). Now, my question regards the "pass into space" shout. First of all, is this shout beneficial if there are no players on attacking duty making forward runs ? Second, can this shout actually force a bit more movement from my players ? I have tested it in game, and I can't say I've noticed a huge difference (albeit I've only played a couple of games). Would love to have some insight on this shout and it's relation to player duty. Thanks!
  10. A couple of ideas : - I've been using a similar system and I've found that WBacks, even on attack, don't provide the necessary width. I've had a lot more success with CWB. You could maybe try it out and see how it fits. - Put your DLPd on the same side as your WBa/CWBa, he'll help with covering to the wingers runs. - The DLF & AF is often recommended but I've found the gap between these 2 roles to be too big. I've recently changed the AF to be a Poacher ( he sits a little deeper and in a more central position). - TIs : as the others have said, some are overkill, mainly Push higher up and higher tempo along with an attacking mentality. Retain possession and play out of D are, IMO, not well suited to an attacking style. Retain possession especially better suits a patient style of play. If you find your players too wasteful, maybe switch to shorter passing. -
  11. Anyone have a clue about how to deal with super goalkeepers? In my last 11 games all opposing gk have had a rating of 7.1 or above. I simply can't score ( I have no issue creating chances and being in good positions for shots, but I feel as if it's me vs their GK). Maybe try and press him? Or use the press to undermine his confidence ( though I'd have to do this before every single match)? IDK what to do here.
  12. In general, good work rate, team work & stamina are needed across the pitch to play a heavy press style. For mids and defenders anticipation is very important as well. For a very high tempo you'll also need very good first touch across the pitch ( in order to play fast you need to first control the ball well) as well as decisions and anticipation ( to reduce screw-ups).
  13. So I had a 442 diamond that was set up like this : ........DLFs.............T.......... ................AMCa............... .......CMs.............B2B........ ................DLPd............... WBs.....CD..........CD.....WBa Very few TIs & PIs, as I mostly use those as situational tools. Control/Standard and Fluid. The system was performing very nicely, especially in the attacking side as I was scoring tons. However I found us a little too fragile defensively. I then decided to switch to drop one of the MCs, making him a DC and consequently move up both FBs. The system looks like this now ( Control/standard - Balanced) ........DLFs............T......... .................AMCs............. ........B2B............DLPd...... WBs...........................WBa ........DCs.....DCc.....DCs.... Immediately I noticed some huge changes. Mainly, we have a LOT more width and space to work with and we are very solid defensively. There one major issue however : our shot count has exploded ( I think it has almost tripled) and we score way less than before. I'm not absolutely sure why this is happening, but I think it is mainly due to the abundance of space and us not using it correctly. In the initial system both strikers were playing very deep and this worked because we were generating a lot of movement in a congested area. Now I feel my strikers are just too deep and by the time they approach the box the opposing defenders have had the time to reposition. Still I still fail to understand how something that worked fine in tight space can fail so hard when there's so much more of it to exploit. What would you advise here ? I would like to keep the Treq upfront as I have player that is perfect for this role. I'm thinking of changing the DLF however to someone that can exploit the space created by the Treqs movement (I'm actually thinking of using a Poacher).
  14. Keep in mind that this is a PL issue as well : even if there's a gap in player quality between the big 4 and the rest of the league, you don't complete overpower other teams. That's not the case in italy/germany/spain where a couple of teams can play however they want and still dominate due to sheer player quality. With that being said I've found that width is what works best against very defensive teams. You need to stretch them as much as possible. Have you tried playing wider ? Also the IF and AP both cut inside and FB aren't as fast to overlap so I think you could change them to WB with the same duty allocation. Use your fullbacks as an attacking throttle : give them an attacking role & duty if you're desperate for more space or switch them back to FB if you're ahead or feel that his wingers may be an issue.
  15. Your forward might be isolated on an attack duty, have you tried putting him on support ? I also think you need more bite in your midfield, I would either change the DLPs to a MCs or a Box-to-Box or the APa to a CMa making him the second wave of your attack. I don't know if Mata has the physical ability to do that, he certainly has the technical and finishing though. Having a DM also allows you to be more aggressive with your fullbacks so the left FB could also be a WB that way you compensate for the lack of width due to you using 2 IF. Retain possession basically tells your players to slow down the game and focus on keeping the ball. It's fine when you're ahead but when you're aggressively trying to score this can be counter-productive. Also keep in mind that if you combine retain possession with shorter passing you risk having your game become sluggish. Keep in mind you don't have to use a lot of TIs for a system to be successful : focus on just a couple and use the others to react to the game. This thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/423054-Lines-and-Diamonds-The-Tactician-s-Handbook-for-Football-Manager-2015-%28Part-3-Updated%29?p=10256030&viewfull=1#post10256030 has all the information you need ( mentality, shape, roles, TIs, PIs). EDIT : just thought of something and it might work well with rooney in a 433: try him as a DLF on support with instructions to move into channels and roam from position. This should give him even more mobility and combined with his passing and mentals he should give a lot of assists. Keep both the IF on attack ( these should be your main goalscorers) and change your DLPs to a MCs or even B2B to make the holy trinity of sitter + runner + creator.
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