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  1. [FM11] Conquering the world

    Quite pleased, we got promoted to the Premier League!
  2. [FM11] Conquering the world

    Time has passed and the season is nearing the end. Its a close game. As you see in the stats, my problem has been the fact my strikers hasnt scored enough. They get good ratings and the Austrian kid has lots of assists, but thats not enough. Niculae just shoots with power all over and its like 1 out of 10 he scores a goal. That said, he has better Sh T% than Gregoritsch. Sorry Marius.
  3. Managing Vanuatu

    Well it hasnt been very succesfull i must say. In my defense, my assistant controlled all the friendlies after the first one. If your interested of how it will go in the future, I started a career updates thread as well.
  4. [FM11] Conquering the world

    So we've been busy and the season is already in mid November. The Valiants have been just as good as I expected
  5. [FM11] Conquering the world

    Here is the complete Valiants squad for season 2015/2016 in Championship. Goalies: Sergio Romero Matthew Gledhill Defenders: Miho Brecko Manuel da Costa Asels Homola Tomas Kalas Pantelis Mantzios (prospect)..ish Ryan McGivern Frank van Mosselveld Christian Ramsebner - Unfortunately for him, I found da Costa just before the transfer window expired Carl Rose (another prospect, I hope) Dwight Tiendalli - Couldnt register him into the squad Midfield: Owen Garvan - Got him on first days of July. Planned big role for him, but has become surpluss to be honest Richie McMahon - Prospect, versatile DC/DMC/MC Tom Nicholson - England u21. Seems he wont renew his contract, so might be leaving Scott Parker - Couldnt register him into the squad Liam Russell - Prospect of some kind Stelvio - My personal favourite Sergio Tejera - Playmaker Lubos Huskek - I dont like the man Wingers: Bebe - A gem Samir Bihmoutine Soufiane Dadda Jordan Obita - On a loan from Man City Keith Treacy Forwards Iain Hill - Very promising Michael Gregoritsch Fabio Motta - Even Liverpool is interested Marius Niculae - Star Alex Nimely ]
  6. [FM11] Conquering the world

    So, the season finished and transfer windows re-opened. Transfers summer 2015 (link) Incoming: It got wild, as I suspected. Due the lack of wage budget, I had to release couple important players during the last days of June. Happily enough though, I got a nice ~50% increase in wage budger after the Promotion. So, I got some brilliant new free agents in the squad: Marius Niculae, 34yo but still in great shape. Bebé, he never got given a chance of any kind ManUtd and he fits my tactic perfectly. Thrilled with this caption. Sergio Tejera, Replacing Jermain Jenas as the heart of my game. Very pleased with this one as well. Michael Gregoritsch, Michael's agent contacted and in minutes after seeing ManUtd had paid nearly £2mill for him couple season earlier, I signed him as a backup striker for Niculae and Nimely. Manuel da Costa, Id say his my superstar. Also got a nice DR/L handyman, Slovenia International, Miso Brecko. Outgoing: Firstly I had to let Jermain Jenas, Chris Hackett, Magnus Lekven, Komlan Amewou to go on free. Not too long though, Jenas' agent contacted me begging to take the bugger back but told them to toss off. Better off, greedy men. Sold my 1st team right back Lillo to Swindon for £100k. But the biggest transfer was Massimo Coda going to Serie A team Sassuolo for staggering £1.8million. Lots of teams were after him, getting about 10 offers for the same price. He was decent, but not even Championship standards in my opinion. I will add the whole 1st squad with players profile pics, with all prospects from reserves and u18 later the date.
  7. [FM11] Conquering the world

    A lot has happened since. We finished 2nd in the League 1 and promoted to Championship. My Madagascarian with the trcky name was the top scorer with 34 goals in 40 apps. But his off to Padova now. Continues in minutes
  8. [FM11] Conquering the world

    Oh yeah, Lomski was pretty good. On a side not, I forgat to mention. One morning after heavy booze rampage, I found a contract from the firdge; apparently I am now manager of Vanuatu. Nice holidays ahead! Here's the league table as we speak.
  9. [FM11] Conquering the world

    Hehe, I wish I could. I have wage budget of £36k/week and am spending already 42k. So I have to do the same with him that I did with Jenas. I keep in the team with 4 week trials til the July 1st when bunch of my players are out the door. Really really would have needed him as he'd with perfectly my tactic. Was the other Finn Riku Risku by any chance?
  10. Good luck from here as well, I have something similiar going. First job I got was Chongqing China and I consider myself lucky
  11. [FM11] Conquering the world

    Thanks for the support and kind words. Here's League 1 table and The Valiants squad currently GK - Sergio Romero DR - Lillo DL - Djimi Traoré DC - Ryan McGivern DC - Tomas Kalas MC - Jermain Jenas MC - Stelvio AML - Alex Henshall AMR - Soufiane Dadda ST - Anicet Andrianantenaina ST - Massimo Coda I also have some rotation going on MC and ST. On bench boozing I have that dickhead Lubos Husek, Magnus Lekvem (was in big role in last years promotion but hasnt impressed this season), Komlan Amewou (can play MC and ST) newgen signed free from Chelsea, and my only English u21 player Tom Nicholson. Also Alex Nimely and he just might be my star next season when that Anicet Andrisomething leaves to Padova. And here is the entire 1st squad. I really dont have any good prospects besides Nicholson.
  12. [FM11] Conquering the world

    Sorry, If a MOD could reforward this to the career updates forum.
  13. Hi, My name is Twatty and I've set myself a challenge. I was only a sunday footballer in local pub team in Burslem, UK. I was the player/manager/coach/physio. My family is rich and has business connections to China. Due this I got offered a job as manager in Chinese football team Chongqing. They were already doomed for relegation from the Chinese top division when I got there. The team was utterly poor and I was only allowed to sign 3 of my mates as the rules restriction are somewhat Id imagine they have in North Korea. The challenge I mentioned in the first phrase, is only to win club champion on every continents Champions League; Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. Oh well, we got promoted from the Chinese 2nd division back to the top league, with the help of couple North Koreans I smuggled over boarders. Oddly enough on the verge of the 1st proper season in the Chinese top division, Bill Bratt, the chairman of Port Vale F.C, whome I often boozed with back home, emailed me saying Jim Gannon had gone luny and needed a cheap and quick replacement. I accepted an offer of a pound a week for two seasons. I tipped of the North Korean embassador about couple skippers just for laughs and flew back to home. It seemed my challenged had taken a huge leap ahead, happy days. First season with The Valiants we made it into the playoff final, where Stockport beat us with one of those "once in a lifetime" games where we would have beaten them 90 times out of 100. Fair enough, didnt feel like the team was ready for promotion anyway. Maybe we did it on purpose. What. Anywho, next season I signed Grigar, a Czech goalie who I got to know when he was banging my girlfriend, and another Czech who Grigar told had also banged her. They both had played for theyre national team since that so I thought what the, good lads and apparently can play a bit as well. Also Jermaine Jenas' agent contacted me by accident, he thought he was talking with Hammers GM and I sensed he was on drugs or something and offered him a contract with take it or leave it option and he took it. Jenas sacked him next day, but actually did come and play for us, good lad that Jenas. We destroyed the League 2 and got straight promotion. First season coming, Sergio Romero's agent contacted me saying Serge is looking for new challenge and had noticed The Valiants raping every team in League 2 last season and saw some kind of potential I guess. The agent wasnt too happy but I offered him some tax free signing on fee and we made a deal. Happily I was able to sell Grigar to some lederhosen Bochum, had noticed he was eyeballing the sheit out of my new lady so good riddance and fairdoss ******. So the first season in League 1 is about 80% through and we are sitting 2nd, in great form and might even reach Sheffield Wed-something. We also made it into top 8 in the FA Cup, where Man Utd finally beat us 4-1. If only we had that game at home... Sooooo.. Im an a quick scout trip in Bulgaria for a forward for next year as my Madagascarian is off to Padova next July (little twit wanted way too much for new contract). When I get back Ill post some pictures how all this has happened and the current squad and stuff.
  14. Number of leagues advice

    Ive never quite get the idea of the game giving rating how your game runs with x amount of leagues chosen. In my current game Ive selected 90% of the leagues with large custom database of 115k+ players. The game gave me 0.5 rating and still I find it totally playable. May be bit frustrating if I wasnt doing other stuff while playing I guess.
  15. Ridiculous signing

    Its a custom skin, but I thought its the same in the custom skin, might remember wrong. The skin is "Stelko X1". Got it from some other site.