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  1. If they could cut down on the forward goals and add some to the defense I would be fine with that but as it stands there are too many goals being scored in general as is.
  2. I'm playing the 2017-18 season and the NHL players are off to the Olympics and for some reason the schedule never goes past the Group Stage. Because of this there are no Olympic playoffs and the NHL players don't end up going back to the teams at the end of February in time for the NHL season to start back up. They just stick with their international clubs until late March which causes them to each miss around 10 games. This has occurred in both tests that I have done. Keep in mind I am new using rosters found on steam workshop. They have a 2017-18 start date with updated rosters and includes the Vegas Golden Knights. Anyone else ever have this issue? Also using the most updated version of EHM 1.4.1.
  3. Currently when you go to the player stats section it shows the top 50 in all categories. I would like it if they extended it to show the top 100 or ideally more.
  4. It produces much more accurate statistics which is the biggest thing that a hockey sim needs to do.
  5. To the developers. Are there any plans in the near future to do an overhaul on the game engine? While this game is good and some would argue is still the best hockey sim game around it's evident to anyone that has used the new sim engine of a certain new hockey sim game that this game engine is needs a decent amount of work to catch up. This game is still good without it but there's no doubt it would be the best hockey sim game if it had a better engine.
  6. When it comes to goals especially after the last update players even the none elect ones can easily get 40+ goals. I think this needs to be toned down or at least the option at some point to allow the user to raise or lower scoring in the game. When it comes to assists i actually think they should be raised slightly. In real life the best goal scorers are getting roughly 40-55 goals a season. And the best at getting assists are getting roughly 55-70 a season. This game should represent that.
  7. Not that i'm aware of. I stopped playing the game for awhile until some much needed changes are made to the game.
  8. You're not the only one that has had this problem. I heard of another guy on a different forum that into his 10 season most teams were under the cap. Some as much as 25 million. The new players that are coming into the game are either not talented enough to demand big salaries or maybe there is another reason i'm not sure but it needs to be fixed because if you play a long enough game it ruins immersion.
  9. Taken from the http://www.ehmtheblueline.com forums. "I have noticed that NHL teams are hiring very bad replacements after sacking their head coach. Usually they hire some scout with very low coaching attributes. I don't know if tactical knowledge is important attribute for head coach, but I would assume that it is. In my game Flyers just hired Don Paarup as head coach, and his highest attribute in coaching is eight. And this same goes for all teams in NHL (and probably other leagues too)."
  10. Everyone be on the lookout for one then
  11. There are certainly quite a few things that need fixing/tweaking with this game that's for sure. Don't get me wrong, even from the start of EA to now it's almost like a whole new game. Well to me anyway. With the exceptions of rosters and the downloadable content from the community Riz works on this game by himself doesn't he? It's a shame more people can't focus on this game but that's business i guess. As long as the game continues to grow i'll be happy.
  12. I wondered that too Nino but i didn't care enough to try it over 20 different games. My thinking was that it shouldn't effect it but it very well could. And Batdaddy i posted this here at the same time as i posted it on the other site so i wasn't aware that Riz would not be making changes to the lottery percentages to fix it, assuming it needed fixing because like you said the lottery is changing for 2015-16 season. If there is a problem with it i don't mind waiting just as long as it's corrected for the 2015-16 season.
  13. The Draft lottery is broken. Teams finishing in certain spot are winning the lottery way more they should. Although these are small sample sizes trends are emerging. Here is currently the odds of winning the first overall pick depending on where you finish in the standings. 30th 20.00% 29th 13.50% 28th 11.50% 27th 9.50% 26th 8.50% 25th 7.50% 24th 6.50% 23rd 6.00% 22nd 5.00% 21st 3.50% 20th 3.00% 19th 2.50% 18th 2.00% 17th 1.00% In test one I simulated the the Draft lottery 20 times. I would sim ahead one day to draft lottery (June 14th) find out the winner and exit the game without saving and repeating this 20 times. Here are my findings for test one. Buffalo finished in 30th place and thus had a 20% chance of winning. They managed to win the lottery 9 times for 45% win-rate. 2.25x higher then they should have but like i said small sample size. However the team finishing 27th with only 9.5% odds (New Jersey) also won 9 times for a 45% win-rate and over 4.5x higher then they should have. The remaining 12 teams won the lottery twice. Florida (21st) and Edmonton (25th) So in test one the 30th and 27th ranked teams combined to win the lottery 18 out of 20 times or 80% which is about 3x more likely they they should have won. In test two i did the same think but started a new season and once again simmed to the draft lottery 20 times. Here are the results for test two. In test two the last place 30th ranked team (Winnipeg) won the lottery only once out of a possible 20 times. Which was at a rate of 4x less then they should have. 29th ranked (Buffalo) won six times for 30% of the time. 25th ranked Vancouver which on any given draw as a 25th ranked team would only have a 7.5% chance of winning won 10 times including six wins in a row for a 50% win rate. And finally the 17th place team (Columbus) which had only a 1% shot at winning the lottery won 3 times! So like i said these are small sample sizes and won't be totally 100% accurate but it's in my opinion that the lottery system is broken. I'm hoping that it will be fixed because although not a big deal why have the lottery system in the game to begin with if it's not going to work the way it should.
  14. What's with the point production with center men. Seems like LW/RW always lead in the points category. Only 4 of the top 30 in league scoring were center men in my season. Take for example Anaheim's top line of Perry, Getzlaf, Fleischmann. All played similar minutes. All played on the first line and first pp. Perry finished with 91 points. Fleischmann with 88 points and Getzlaf only 59 points. And this is only one example. Players like Crosby and Stamkos struggle to points up and are scoring at a pace lower then they should be. I have a feeling they would put up more on the wing, Seems like i'm not the only one that has had this issue.
  15. This is the second time i've seen this happen in like 4 or 5 seasons. They are all out for the same amount of time (3 months) This has to be a bug because for this to happen for the second time is just not possible.
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