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  1. Currently when you go to the player stats section it shows the top 50 in all categories. I would like it if they extended it to show the top 100 or ideally more.
  2. Two things i want to see are the standings to include wildcard standings. It's how the real NHL does it and i think it looks better then the other standings they use in the game. The second is to include the ability to update the rosters yourself without having to use a game editor or any of those things you have to download separately. I hate having to wait months for my rosters to be updated. I want to be able to make the trades in game and update the rosters on my own if need be.
  3. On the standings page there is too much wasted space. I would like to see all those stats pushed closer to the team names and win/loss streaks and record in last 10 games added in on the league standings page. It's better to have those stats on the main page then to have to go into the team stats to look them up.
  4. I'm sure this has been noted already but when a team is down by 2 goals late in a game they should be pulling their goalie if the situation permits it. Maybe it happens and i have not come across it but i was just playing a game where i was winning 2-0 and the AI made no attempt to pull their goalie, even when they had a offensive faceoff with a minute forty-five remaining. I'd like to see the AI pull their goalie late in a game down by two at least some of the time when the situation makes sense.
  5. I don't see something like this being put in the game since it rarely if at all ever happens that a team is given a delay of game penalty because of the fans. I don't see a point to having it in the game but hey it's your wish not mine. I just want the developers to focus on the core issues of the game until they can get it perfect before they start adding things like you suggested.
  6. Good players should be asking for longer contracts. Also how much they make/ask for should have a lot to do with their performance especially if they are in their prime. I see too many players have great seasons where they score something like 40 goals then only ask for a 2 year contact extension worth 2-3 million dollars. These type of players should be asking for long term contacts at 5+ million dollars. The game gets too easy when players don't accurately know what their market value is and they sign short term low paying contracts. You run into major cap issues and can stack your team a lo
  7. I've mentioned this before and i will continue to until they actually put it into the game but we need Wild Card Standings in the NHL. It makes it so much easier to comprehend the playoff races. Not to mention it's a lot more visually pleasing to the eyes. I can't be the only one that wants this. Speak up boys so we can get this in there
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