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  1. Just lock it in as 10% before submitting the bid then they can't ask for it.
  2. You also have to add in the players decision making attribute. You can have the best technique in the world but if you continually make the wrong choice of pass you will either give it away or miss the opportunity to gain from the attack.
  3. It was automatically updated whenever the new patch came out to 17.1.2 but I noticed earlier that it's now reverted back to 17.1.1, is there a manual download for this to go back? Steam is of absolutely no use whatsoever as it never allows me to actually sign in and I have to go on offline mode.
  4. No the pc version. It was on 17.1.2 last time I noticed it but now reverted back.
  5. One more thing, My version has gone back to 17.1.1. Any reason for this?
  6. Doesn't work on the youth intake page. In my squad for example you can click and drag on the left hand side and select as many as you want. Very odd. Ah. If you press shift and then click the ones at the bottom it will select all. Still slower than simply clicking and dragging but will do.
  7. Just a quick question. Is there any way of selecting numerous players at once on the main youth intake page (the one via the world tab) so I can scout a load at once. As it stands you have to click each one individually which will take an age to do when all the regens come through.
  8. Not noticed them in my current game, albeit only 10 games in. Chelsea are top after winning 9 out of 10, Sunderland are third and Liverpool eighth just below me (Southampton). One thing I have noticed in the practice games I had and now this on is the low number of draws that seem to occur.
  9. Is there any quicker way to select a load off the lists without clicking each individual one?
  10. Very tempted to start a go with them, need to find the best french youth to add to the squad and have a core to keep for a while.
  11. Is there a list of all the good young British players?
  12. Just a quick one. Noticed after the full game came out my manager picture has reverted back to the default, is there anyway of changing it in the middle of a save?
  13. Ah right, are they roughly around the same times? Cheers
  14. Sorry if someone has already asked, but does anyone have a list of the dates when regens come through. Thanks.
  15. That'd fair enough, I have no problem with it but was just a little surprised that a club with an ok reputation wasn't able to even offer a contract to players from lower rated South American sides for example. Granted at the same time I was able to get Lato for example off Valencia.
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