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    Contradicting Instructions

    Thanks a lot Kingjericho Does anybody else have an answer for my second question?
  2. Hello, i've got a couple of questions regarding team and player instructions. Apologies if they have been asked before but i couldn't find them before making this post. -What happens if a player is instructed to play fewer risky passes and i use the team instruction to play passes into space? Which instruction overrides the other? Or will the player now be on the default setting regarding through balls? -If i use a team instruction like roam from positions, which player will now start to roam? all of them? only the ones that have roles that can be instructed to roam? -If a player has contradicting instructions (like a winger instructed to play wider while instructing the team to play narrower), which instruction does the player follow? or do they cancel each other? Thank in advance.
  3. Thank both THOG and Milted20. I would like to ask a couple more questions if it ain't out of place. 1) What are the deferences between a fullback playing as FB-A and WB-S? And going with the same logic, what are the differences between playing a fullback in WB-A and CWB-S? 2) In my Valencia save i had problems playing a lone striker as an Advanced Striker and i ended up changing both the player and the role to a support role (DLS-S). Im curious though, how would you set a 1 striker system with a central midfield unable to make forward runs and a striker unable to drop deep? 3) Is it recommendable to drift away from the single-pivot principles you've outlined on the PDF of playing with an attacking fullback and a more defensive one in order to play with both fullbacks on attacking duties, and if so, are there any suggestions on making the midfield more defensive to compensate? 4) What individual instructions would you use on a wide midfielder (playing on the "CMs" line) in order to "turn him" into an inside forward? (both attacking and support version)
  4. I was using standard because i wanted to defend on a medium block, but you're right, transitions have been very slow even when playing against teams that press. Would increasing the tempo and TI to pass into space be enough? Or is it better to change the mentality altogether (considering the increase in pressing and d-line)?
  5. Finally had the time to read it all. Fantastic thread THOG, it really is! Now, i've decided to design a tactic based on fast transitions and i've got this: Mentality: Standard Team Shape: Structured A couple of questions: 1) On the document you highlighted that it is useful to have a big striker able to fight for long passes in order to hold the ball and wait for his team mates. Alcácer isn't particulary strong nor he has the ability to keep the ball through technique and dribbling to play him as a deep-lying forwad (Though he has the bravery and team work to work hard for the team and fight for those loose balls). What i'm seeing in matches is that Alcácer gets isolated because my wingers aren't able to support him quick enough on the counter. What would be your advise on this subject? I though about turning André Gomes into a support Advanced Playmaker, but i was worried that it might make my attack too focused down the center, when what i mainly want is to counter down the wings. 2) I'm having trouble when the opposition sit back. Now, this is something expected for a team based on fast transitions, but my main problem is that because both my wingers are on an attacking duty, they behave mostly like forwards, so they don't contribute much on the build-up process. This is putting too much creative responsablity on my MC's, as any opposition team can congest the midfield and cut away the support. I thought about a playing my wingers on support, but that would make Alcácer the only player making constant forward runs. Perhaps a change of team structure or team shape is the way to go? 3) I'm thinking about turning my wingers into attacking wide midfielders, as i want them to be more dynamic in attack, rather than hug the line and deliver a cross. Since the wide midfielder is a very generic role, what type of player or team instructions would you recommend? In general, we are defending great (2 goals conceded in 7 matches), but i have problems in attack which i don't know how to fix, mainly on the wings, so any kind of help is hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. I agree, there should be at least an option to swap player instructions different to the "swap positions" instruction we already have. Got the same problem when i tried to recreate the formation Germany used during the 2010 world cup. I couldn't make the double-pivot of Khedira and Schweinsteiger to work properly without having to change my tactics every 5 minutes.
  7. I disagree. I think THOG's work has been perfect in merging real life tactics with FM tactics. The beuty of this thread IMO is how it does not rely on subjective, self-made tactical frameworks which at the end of the day are just theories about Football Manager's tactics creator. This thread is much more than that, because it is able to give a presentation of real life footbal principles and how to put it into practice in Football Manager terms through the simplicity of common sense. It is truly the most complete Football Manager guide to date. However, i do agree that it might be too thick for those just starting to get into Football Manager tactics, perhaps the creation of a tactic following these principles from THOG after the guide is fully realesed could help.
  8. Those mentalities with "more relaxed criteria" would then be those with the "counter-attack box ticked" (Counter and Attacking)?
  9. This might be a silly question but before the elimination of sliders on the tactics creator, only the "counter" and the "attacking" mentality had their "counter box ticked". Does that mean that those two mentalities are the only ones that counter attack constantly? I thought that that mechanism was eliminated and that every mentality would counter attack if the chance arises.
  10. A couple of questions: 1) Are you giving the CM (S) role any PIs? If so which ones? 2) Why is in your opinion the half-back role not suited for the Sergio Busquets role at Barcelona? What is the role you expect fromm Busquets? 3) While Suarez is out are you going to give Messi the same instructions as him in the striker role?