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    Contradicting Instructions

    Thanks a lot Kingjericho Does anybody else have an answer for my second question?
  2. Hello, i've got a couple of questions regarding team and player instructions. Apologies if they have been asked before but i couldn't find them before making this post. -What happens if a player is instructed to play fewer risky passes and i use the team instruction to play passes into space? Which instruction overrides the other? Or will the player now be on the default setting regarding through balls? -If i use a team instruction like roam from positions, which player will now start to roam? all of them? only the ones that have roles that can be instructed to roam? -If a player has contradicting instructions (like a winger instructed to play wider while instructing the team to play narrower), which instruction does the player follow? or do they cancel each other? Thank in advance.
  3. So having read most of Cleon’s work on attacking formations, i’ve decided to try and implement a certain attacking and possession oriented tactic at my favorite club, Real Madrid. In real life they have transformed from an extremely vertical and counter-attacking team under Jose Mourinho’s management to a team capable of both attacking with speed and also unlocking deep defenses through patient passing. With this in mind, I took over Real Madrid and decided to play to its strengths in terms of formation, choosing the same 4-3-3 formation that Zidane has been employing lately albeit with a little twist on the wings. The entire idea is to try and play the ball shortly from the back, with an emphasis on quick first touching football and intelligent movement rather than pure individual talent. Also, when it comes to defending, I want my team to close down as much as possible in order to win the ball back ASAP, forcing frequent mistakes on the opposition and trying to win the ball as high as possible. For this in mind, I’ve selected these team instructions: Mentality: I wanted to keep possession while still being vertical and with the intention of keeping possession to score goals rather than to protect me from the opposition scoring. Attacking might be too adventurous, and Standard would have me make too many other team instructions changes regarding closing down, width, passing, etc. So Control seemed like the most logical choice Fluidity: I think of this as a more organic alternative to the “creative freedom” team instruction. I wanted to give my players the freedom to express themselves when needed, so it became a choice between “Fluid” or “Very Fluid”. I went with “Fluid” in order to have an option to give even more creative freedom to my team when I need to by changing to “Very Fluid” in game. Also, the distribution of mentalities in this level of fluidity means that the team will be more compact when defending, helping me compress the opposition and making the ball winning process easier. Aside from that, I’ve also choosed “Close down even more” and “Push higher up” with the intention of implementing a higher defensive block to win the ball back quicker. “Shorter passing” was ticked to reduce the direct passing of team a little bit while still keeping the high tempo structure of the Control mentality. As for player instructions, these were the chosen roles: GK: Goalkeeper (D): Standard Goalkeeper role, I expecting him to keep it simple and ensure the playing out of the back principle is well started. In order to make sure he plays it short, I gave him the instructions to “Play fewer risky passes” and “Distribute to centre back” DR: Wingback (S): I wanted to have my wingbacks providing a steady outlet to my midfielders and wingers while keeping the width of the team and I think that a support wingback would to the trick. A supporting role was chosen over an attacking role to induce a more possession based approach instead of having them needlessly dribbling to the touchline and crossing to an area full of opposition players DCR: Centerback (D): Standard centre back role, as with our goalkeeper, I expect him to distribute the ball calmly to my more creative players on the midfield. DCL Centre Back (D): Same as above, although with Sergio Ramos playing in this position, I thought about playing him as a Ball-Playing Defender in order to exploit his awesome ball playing skills by giving him the options to play riskier and more vertical passess into the wing. In the end, that idea was put on hold because I wanted to set the basics of the tactic first instead of overcomplicating it from the beginning. DL: Wingback (S): Same as our Right Fullback. As with Ramos’s case, a more flamboyant “Complete Wingback” role was considered, but in the end I left it as a Wingback (S) for the same reasons as above. DM: Defensive Midfielder (D): With the amount of attacking talent in the team, i thought that there had to be some cover in order to provide more protection to my defensive line. The player who plays in this role is the defensive rock Casemiro. While he may not have the passing range of the likes of Modric or Kroos, he should still be able to connect well between defense and midfield when not pressed. I expect him to pass the ball sortly to his midfield teammates a lot. MCR: Central Midfielder (A): I mainly want Kroos to be an option when playing from the back, but at the same time being able to surge into the box and play the last pass. A more reserved Box to box role might be prefered when i need him to be more cautious with his forward runs. MCL: Deep-Lying Midfielder (S): The brains of the team. I wan't him to be involved as much as possible with the chance creation process of the team. The playmaker role should make him roam around more and make triangles with the rest of the midfield and my right winger. I expect him to be the player with the most passes in the team. AMR: Advanced Playmaker (S): Our right winger should provide the mobility needed for a team playing mostly static roles in the field. He'll roam into the center of the field, with my right wingback hopefully overlaping him in the wing. He'll hopefully connect well with my MCR with both of them taking turns to get in the box while the other provides through passes for the rest of the attack. AML: Inside Forward (A): The first attacking spear of the team. I wan't him to make inside runs into the box with my left wingback overlapping him, with my creative players in midfield looking to feed him with through balls and with my striker hopefully moving in between the channels around trying to confuse defenders with his off the ball movement. I want him to be a goal scorer rather making runs directy on goal rather than coming inside into a clogged midfield. ST: Complete Forward (S): As described in the roal above, he'll act both as a goalscorer and a decoy for the runs of both my left winger and my right central midfielder. He will hopefully share the goals of the team with my left inside forward. So that’s the tactic. I will post a couple more screenshots and hopefully I will upload some complete games in order for people to judge the performance of the tactic, but I didn’t had much more time available to get into more detail than I did. In the meantime, I would really appreciate if people could make any kind of judgement to the creation process of this tactic. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated. ***I’ve been able to play some quick matches with the same team and with the same tactics in FMC and at first glance I’ve detected a couple of important problems regarding with the design of the tactics, these include: -The team has been really ineffective at keeping the opposition from playing the ball comfortably, often allowing the opposition to achieve completed passes percentages of over 85% most of the time. -A lack of support options for the left winger. It seems as if every time he receives the ball wide from a pass over the other flank, he Is always isolated and has to dribble atleast on player in order to have the time and space to pass it back to any other team mate. -Casemiro acting as the barycenter of the team in really high positions, often having to play the ball from one flank to the other with very little room and angle play them effectively -A depende on both having having great games offensively to create adequate chances via late crosses. I’ll support these assumptions over the next couple of days with more screenshots and videos, but in the mean team I could really help some advice from the people in this subforum. Thanks in advance.
  4. In real life, Spanish teams are able to use reserve team players in official matches at La Liga BBVA without having to register them. Teams like Barca and Real Madrid are able to use players from Barcelona B or Real Madrid Castilla without having to register them on the first team and they have to use numbers past 25. Examples of this include Sergi Samper and Marcos Llorente respectively. In the game, you're able to use players from the reserve or the under-19 team as long as they are under 18 years old before january. This means that players like Samper, Gumbao or Llorente (all 20 year old at the start of the game) are unable to play for both the reserve and the main team in the same team as the ruling forces you to choose from one and the other. Is there a way to edit this? Or atlest to extend the "under 18 year old at the start of next year" rule to 21 year old players? I play the spanish version of the game so please forgive me if i use a different terminology as in the english version. If there's any confusion in the way i present this problem please ask me back. Also, it is my first time in this subforum so i'm sorry if im posting this in the wrong thread. Thanks in advance.
  5. Cleon, what are the completed passes stats for you Wide Playmaker on the right wing? Is it normal for him to be getting below 70% completed passes? I'm currently trying to implement a posession oriented tactic at Manchester United and i'm having problems with the role of Juan Mata. He's being very wasteful with the ball and i'm not sure if this is because of an incoherent setup relative to the role selection for the rest of the team or simply a result of playing advanced playmakers on attacking mentalities? I am playing with an attacking team mentality and he's being deployed as a Wide Playmaker (S). I will upload pictures of the team's tactics and perhaps a PKM (or whatever the saved match file name is ) when i get home if you don't min, but i would really love if you could answer my first question.
  6. Suarez has scored 41 goals (kicking only one penalty) and has 25 assists in 2015 without being able to play for Uruguay. Goals and assists that have been decisive in finals and against the likes of Real Madrid, Atlético, Valencia, Manchester City, PSG, Bayern, Juve and Sevilla to win La Liga, UCL, Copa del Rey and the UEFA Supercup. Meanwhile Ronaldo has scored 48 goals (shooting every penalty while missing the only decisive one against Valencia) and has 14 assists. Of his 48 goals: 8 against Espanyol, 5 against Granada, 5 against Getafe, 4 to a 17 year old goalkeeper against Schalke, 7 against Malmoe and Shaktar, 3 against a 10-man Sevilla. Of 10 title deciders against Barca, Atletico and Juventus he only won 1 match... with a goal from Chicharito with 2 minutes left. There is no way in hell Ronaldo has had a better season than Suarez, collectively or individually.
  7. That's extremely oportunistic. Just last year Barcelona got owned at the Bernabeu. In fact last sunday was the first time in over 4 years Barca won by a higher margin than 2 goals to Real Madrid. Dominating? Yes, but the whole Bernabeu being an easy trip is just bollocks.
  8. Mourinho is an awful example. For all of his msitakes during this season at least he has had the balls to bench players if they are underperforming or not showing commitment for the team. Ancelotti allowed the team to party after losing 0-4 against Atletico and Benitez allowed a free training day today after the horrific match we all witnessed. However, i don't believe that Benitez is being told who to line-up directly. He has a problem with the squad and he's rapidly losing respect from them, when it should be the other way around. The signing policy of Real Madrid has taken its toll on and now managers have got to deal with the likes of Bale or Ronaldo who just won't accept to be benched even if they haven't done absolutely nothing the whole year. Only Florentino Perez has all the blame on the creation of this environment. Of course this is only one axis of the problem, and Benitez should take the bull by its horns and have the guts to make decisions based of tactical factors, without the fear of being sacked clouding his mind.
  9. Completely different scenario and a very poor argument to defend Benitez. It might not be that explicit, but decisions such as constantly playing an underperforming Bale, benching Navas (second best goalkeeper at the World Cup) in favour of a (clearly past his best) Iker and now having Carvajal playing second fiddle to a mediocre Danilo are clearly not tactical and have got to be linked to Florentino Perez somehow.
  10. seb_lesnar

    Lone Striker Role

    Advanced Forward perhaps? It doesn't really matter though, i think that the main problem is the lack of support he has since the only player trying to get into the box is your MR (who starts from deep anyways, fast transitions wil be difficult). Your best bet with that system is having him chasing loose balls from the midfield with the hope he catches the opposition's d-line high up the pitch.
  11. If Messi comes in in the second half with the amount of space Real Madrid is giving in between the lines... this might be worst than the 5-0 years ago.
  12. Completely broken team. James, Ronaldo, Benzema and Bale all waiting in a flat line for Modric to dribble the entire Barcelona midfield just before Neymar's goal.
  13. So any answer on wether the role was always instructed to close down less or it is just a beta error?
  14. Having checked the new FM16 beta's new features i've noticed that player roles now have their standard instructions displayed on the PI screen (which is subtle but great addition to the game, making the differences between roles much easier to understand). Having checked at central midfielders instructions with a support role, i saw that they have really low closing down in comparision to the rest of the roles. Is that something bad coded or it has always been like that? Cheers.
  15. Exactly. In fact, Homegrown players in first eleven at top clubs: Barcelona: 5 (Pique, Alba, Busquets, Iniesta, Messi) Bayern: 3 (Alaba, Lahm, Muller) Real Madrid: 0 Atlético: 2 (Koke, Gabi) Chelsea: 1 (Terry) Manchester City: 0 Manchester United: 0 PSG: 0