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  1. When I say UI is broken I don't mean it is broken totally but partially.. many people have already pointed out the UI is really bad compared to FM17 & 16 & even 15 you can't deny that or you haven't ever played those versions? you can't really say the majority like the UI, just go ahead and read the steam reviews.
  2. Surely SI can't keep this UI for the full game or is it? just look at the amount of people that are disappointed about your decision of altering and changing things that weren't broken and making us do extra clicks. The wide midfielders defending and staying too wide is still not fixed. Some screens take too long to load specially player profiles and when I click the FM settings. Overall it is too buggy with broken UI in place. I have refunded the game for now and will just see and wait what FM 19 brings next year, (first time ever I did this - playing since FM 10)
  3. Yes that's an easy one to change within the titlebar search panel, but you know there are very few who actually know about skinning in FM
  4. Don't change things that ain't broken... but what was the reason for changing the classic 2D like in FM 17? it looks clunky.. Also not sure what's the reason for making us do extra clicks all over the place particularly in match day?
  5. The major issue with FM 17 ME was the wingers/wide mid staying too wide and also opting for narrow formations with strikerless were OP
  6. Last FMTV but what about the ME? no changes you mean?
  7. Wells

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    I feel ya.. saw some video on YT, there is a guy I don't know called Vitality something he had like 413-0-5 record.. never going to get like that record
  8. I wouldn't really call that a tactical revamp just some new roles/instructions and some reskin. Disappointed
  9. I really hope we won't be forced again for Brexit, just give us an option to disable it when starting new save.
  10. How idiotic.. I have stated my views about them being op only and that's it. Are you mad about it? Haha.... Also who ever has mentioned the game is scripted and it is impossible to win I don't care... as I have never ever said such things. Stop quoting me ffs.. I have better things to do than argue with you, now just bore off.
  11. I have already said and will stick to my point... this thread wouldn't even exist in first place anyways if them are not being op..
  12. Yeah only them being the most successful club in all and every saves I have done is realistic.. maybe you didn't get my point and trying to be a ***** ***
  13. Totally agree... in this FM, they are totally overpowered, not sure what's behind it but played 30 years each save.. they are the ones with the most titles and winning champions league in rows.
  14. Ah not again.. But anyways, I will be buying it regardless..