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  1. @knap which tactic do you recommend for sides like Everton/Leicester/Wolves..
  2. Yeah, maybe I will re-download FM 17 in steam when I get time if there is no other way.
  3. Even the pre-game editor isn't available, just the plain game in Epic games. That's bummer though, not sure how I can get skin/panel.fmf files.
  4. I haven't played FM since FM17, but I saw it for free in Epic games launcher, so I thought why not give it a go... so as you know I like to skin FM as usual, I wanted to extract the skin.fmf and panel.fmf, but the resource archiver isn't there or am I missing something? It usually was in steam last time I played FM.
  5. Finally, with all those new features and changes It will be time to get back to FM after skipping 18. I just hope the AI managers will cope and use these tools to the same extent as we will do. Only the thing I dislike is the Skin UI is terrible with those purple and greenish panels and club color being main background.
  6. Yup, I think SI are too biased with Utd.. Winning 75/100 is totally unrealistic.
  7. Yep they are too overpowered in everything, from signing the best regens to producing unrealistic number of world class players, I even remember a similar thread was locked last year for FM 17 Jump to 16:25
  8. Damn this world cup Now just waiting Brazil and England to be knocked out
  9. Definitely this which makes this WC most interesting.
  10. When I say UI is broken I don't mean it is broken totally but partially.. many people have already pointed out the UI is really bad compared to FM17 & 16 & even 15 you can't deny that or you haven't ever played those versions? you can't really say the majority like the UI, just go ahead and read the steam reviews.
  11. Surely SI can't keep this UI for the full game or is it? just look at the amount of people that are disappointed about your decision of altering and changing things that weren't broken and making us do extra clicks. The wide midfielders defending and staying too wide is still not fixed. Some screens take too long to load specially player profiles and when I click the FM settings. Overall it is too buggy with broken UI in place. I have refunded the game for now and will just see and wait what FM 19 brings next year, (first time ever I did this - playing since FM 10)
  12. Yes that's an easy one to change within the titlebar search panel, but you know there are very few who actually know about skinning in FM
  13. Don't change things that ain't broken... but what was the reason for changing the classic 2D like in FM 17? it looks clunky.. Also not sure what's the reason for making us do extra clicks all over the place particularly in match day?
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