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  1. How idiotic.. I have stated my views about them being op only and that's it. Are you mad about it? Haha.... Also who ever has mentioned the game is scripted and it is impossible to win I don't care... as I have never ever said such things. Stop quoting me ffs.. I have better things to do than argue with you, now just bore off.
  2. I have already said and will stick to my point... this thread wouldn't even exist in first place anyways if them are not being op..
  3. Yeah only them being the most successful club in all and every saves I have done is realistic.. maybe you didn't get my point and trying to be a ***** ***
  4. Totally agree... in this FM, they are totally overpowered, not sure what's behind it but played 30 years each save.. they are the ones with the most titles and winning champions league in rows.
  5. Ah not again.. But anyways, I will be buying it regardless..
  6. I will give 3/5, Mostly the problem I have with it is lack of proper in-game documentation.
  7. Sound? I will be concerned more about being improved tactical and AI squad building than sounds.
  8. Yup that kind of thing, so either the agent will tell us if he is interested or not.
  9. I would like to have a way we can contact other players if we are interested in making transfer .. as I have seen IRL many reporting that X player agreed terms with Y club but yet to agree transfer fee with the X club he plays - for example - Ousmane Dembele agreed terms with Barcelona but yet to agree transfer fee with Dortmund. We can have conversation with the player we want and he can accept or reject when contacting him, (If he rejects to contact him, then you already know he isn't interested, so you won't bother making offer to the club) if he agrees, we will negotiate contract with him, then after that we can make an offer to the club, if they accept, the player will straight come in to the club as we have already discussed the terms. So we can we have two ways of doing transfer business, the current way in FM and the above one.
  10. Most importantly it is about the player's CA.. because in pre-editor on nations page, the transfer values of player are determined by group of CA's then there is other less factors, like his contract, his form e.t.c..
  11. Weird wage situation

    This actually happened to me, I had Dover that I worked so had 5 yrs to bring them to EPL.. I was signing a youngster striker from Arsenal on loan, but guess what? he decided to join Brentford in Championship another young chap from Chelsea, same thing joined Blackburn in Championship.. I mean why will someone choose playing in Championship instead of Premier League? This game is based too much on Reputation to an extent that it doesn't reflect irl football tbh..
  12. Started with Stourbridge , gonna be fun. EDIT: First season ended and we managed to finish 12th in the league, the fa cup also saw us being knocked out at first stage by some regional club, it was upside down season hopefully we can sign some better players and do well.
  13. I also don't bother finding players for roles, but I meant in general, lower leagues they will have ineffectual as CF - S so I use AF -A instead. Most of my talent I got is from - you know I turned social feed for only my club related transfers rumours, and from there you will see rumors links for loans, transfers e.t.c... then I only looked those for loans, scouted them and signed the best according to the scout that he will be at least 4 stars. Then you have the free transfers, I do send my scouts on every Jan to find expiring contracts for 4 stars & above first team quality until July then after that I will offer contract to those who are free agents. You have run a test with the tactic with Spurs you mean? nice if so.. Very nice.. I am in Sky bet championship for two seasons, first season I was the worst in the league, predicted to finish 24th and still managed finished 7th, 1 point below play offs...... but now with my club predicted to finish 21st, I am sitting first and heading to Premier League soon.. so excited.
  14. Nope it was the tweaked one - here you go Tweaked Knap 4231 RAW SIENNA.fmf The tweak is : Making defensive line deeper Making mentality to standard Dropping the AM to MC and make him DLP - D with some PI's given. Two IF's moved to AM positions and given AP -S and AM - A with some PI's given to them. Removed get further forward from left CM - S The forward you can use CF -S but you can also use AF - A because of lower leagues, you won't find good CF.
  15. It depends on the his tactical knowledge attritibute, I have one with 13