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  1. In sidebar menu table.xml line#4 change that symbol value to primary
  2. It needs to be <colour id="red_replacement" name="secondary"/>
  3. Edit that row.xml file and set the colour to secondary.
  4. Do you mean like this? https://imgur.com/a/Fku3OSp 1. You can change the selected item background to however you like in graphics/tables/custom/sidebar/selected, also you need to edit in your sidebar menu table.xml Line#4 value to primary. 2. I think you have not edited all your panels/menubar icons, to be in secondary color. It is little bit advanced and requires editing of cob. Attach your client object browser.xml.
  5. Try to use a base skin, then it will work. I think you may need to clear your cache or you have other panels conflicting each other, as normally it would work without a problem. There is nothing wrong here if you mean for sc Heerenveen, every team whether it's home, away or third kit have a primary/secondary colour set for them, In the case for sc Heerenveen away kit, It's black primary and yellow for secondary.
  6. Find this line on team names and score container and just change the horizontal gap to -14 or -15... It should -13 by default. <attachment_group class="horizontal_arrange" horizontal_gap="-14" horizontal_layout="-1,75,-1" vertical_inset="0" />
  7. Sorry but this doesn't have to do anything with this thread. Start new thread maybe you will get help.
  8. Here it is The panel should be in your panels/match and also extract graphics to your skin/graphics folder. match score area panel.xml graphics.rar
  9. Unfortunately, It is not possible, they are hardcoded into the game.
  10. Messed around with the match score area panel today, first thing I noticed is we can't somehow use secondary colour for the team name, not sure why. But in the end I came up with this plus using the full team names, much better than abbreviated names
  11. You can. In sidebar menu table.xml, Line 9, look for red_replacement="primary" Change it to red_replacement="secondary" Then again look for colour="secondary" in the same file and change them all to colour="primary" For the icons, you need to edit your panels/menubar icons xml... look through all and change to red_replacement="primary"
  12. Final Version 1. No rounded corners HMOD Final.zip Extract it into your skin folder. 2. Rounded corners HMOD Final (rc).zip Again, need to put them in your skin folder. Optional customizations These are not essentials, but only if you need to color the sidebar and matchday titlebar. 1. Sidebar normal and rounded sidebar colored.zipsidebar colored (rc).zip 2. Matchday titlebar colored matchday titlebar colored.zip For all of these just put them to your skin folder.
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