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  1. What established players did your scouts compare him to?
  2. I noticed the same thing. Have you, or has anyone else made a post in the bug forum section about it yet, because it is a big issue?
  3. Pretty good, for 5th rounder, but CHL and other rookie league stats don't always translate to NHL, had many prospects in rookie leagues have very high 8 ratings and they end up bottom 6 forwards or 5-6th dmen in NHL. It looks like your prospect is going to be a defensive dman judging by his attributes, I doubt you will see him cross 8.00 rating in NHL.
  4. I don’t know if it was 15.2 or 15.3 that did it, but I am seeing some good trades offered by AI to other AI, dare I say they are almost human like, in approximation of value. I would have never seen these types of trades in EHM2007, so good improvement, good direction, keep it up.
  5. Yes like others said, it was always easy. What I did to make it harder was limit my cap space (self imposed), every 2nd upcoming FA would not be resigned, no trades on draft day. Try a combination of that, and you won't win every year.
  6. I am sorry, I don't. Ill try and replicate the issue in 2 weeks when I have more free time. I usually take control of my practices manually, this was when I just bought the game I left it on AI control. Although I am certain I know how it happens, let the AI take control of your practices by the end of the season I'd have 1 or 2 players who are constantly tired, this would usually be your number 1 D man who averages over 27 min a game or a forward who does over 20 mins a game. I don't know if the AI rests players in practices?
  7. I noticed the same thing, Anthony Duclair, Strome, Hanafin...all went to UFA because their rights expired from AI teams.
  8. Yeah another guy posted strange numbers like that. That make it more like wining the national lottery to mimic those odds. I haven't been able to replicate this in may games...so far through 7 seasons, only the bottom 5 teams have won, last team won 3 times.
  9. I had this prior to 15.1 , I haven't tested it since. But after the first season I started the AI did select exhibition matches after that 1 season, it never again setup matches.
  10. I used to have this problem in EHM2007, and have something similar in EHM EA where if I give a player an offer sheet and he agrees to sign it, the board rejects it saying “it’s unrealistic”. I think the issue stems from the Salary cap and how close you are to it. The offer sheet I made would have put me about 500k over the cap, but I could have made space by sending a player back to juniors, anyway the internal AI logic doesn’t understand that yet. Back to your issue, to work around that issue, I always left myself with a 1 to 1.5mill in cap space so I would be able to sign rookies. Another way is to just sign rookies soon after you draft them, if the new patch is correct and the NHL entry level slide works as it should, you won’t waste any of their RFA years if you just send them back to juniors. Anyways I know the workaround isn’t ideal, but it may help you until this is fixed.
  11. This would be very useful. I'd prefer a history tab where you can see their stats in either a graph or spreadsheet type by year.
  12. Thanks for the reply, I didn’t see a response to the speed of the game, unless I misread. So the game is faster, in terms of simulating between matches, right compared to EHM2007? I am not just thinking that? If it is I think that’s a big thing you should add on the very front on the Steam store page, it’s certainly a big thing for me, faster simulation makes the game more enjoyable.
  13. I finished a season, and the end regular season stats, the most hits anyone had was 108, just a dozen players over 100 hits, everyone else was sub 100. This is almost 1/3rd of what you would expect to see in an actual NHL season. This must be a new bug, because I don’t remember EHM2007 having this issue.
  14. The “chronic tiredness” problem. This was in EHM2007, it happened once in a while where a player would become “tired” and wouldn’t come out of that state for over a year…even if you rest him for months. Just had an EHM EA game where that happened again.
  15. Did you not play EHM2007? If you did so far EHM early access is faster then EHM2007, and its stable. Thus far its THE BEST hockey management game on the market, nothing comes close.
  16. Very good, have you ever played Sis FM series? If so, I think on management side its more interesting strategy wise in signing “free agent” players, drafting (young players) developing, choosing if you want to keep the players in the minors or move him up through his development…etc It’s also faster than FM, by that I mean 1 season of NHL will be quicker than 1 season of simming Football Manager.
  17. I’d like to see competent AI for practice, so I can assign my coach to take care of practice. While I do this, I don’t want my player’s stats to drop like they did in EHM2007, if practice was given to AI.
  18. Hi, Can a developer or someone tell me if there is any official posting about what is currently different in EA version over old 2007. Here are a few things I noticed that are different (someone can tell me if it’s true): I noticed the game is faster (at least I think it is) I played EHM2007 a few months ago on the same computer and I swear its faster siming, and saving is faster as well. The young players (draft eligible) and other minor league player’s stats have been reduced as to what it used to be in EHM2007 of draft players. Anything else?
  19. Are we going to see this option in trade screen enabled, and will it reflect the salary cap chart properly? On a related note: (salary cap neglects) Can you place bonus overage into the salary cap calculation, right now as it is, bonuses are not calculated as to current NHL rules, it’s still the same as EHM2007. Add buyouts and make it so that it’s properly reflected in salary cap calculations.
  20. Awesome!!! Bought it on Steam as soon as I heard. I hope your marketing team does a good job in spreading the word. You should be hitting all the hockey related forums and informing them that EHM is back.
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