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  1. I just realized I don't have the save set to back up! I don't have a save that's before the time I loaned the player out.
  2. I offered to loan out a player to an ECHL team, then returned him to his junior team. He accepted the loan transfer and started playing for the ECHL team. After the loan expired, he returned to his junior team but is simultaneously playing for both the AHL team and junior team. However, he doesn't show up when you look at the AHL team's roster. AHL game log showing Tyler Wong having played: http://imgur.com/YhIPKGs AHL team roster not showing Tyler Wong: http://imgur.com/QdmfGRB Tyler Wong's player page showing he's playing for Lethbridge: http://imgur.com/RaIM159
  3. I'm not sure if it's already been suggested, but I'd love to get mail alerts saying when players in the league you're GMing in retire. I don't really know of any other way to see when players retire. On a similar note, I love hiring ex-players to my coaching staff, but it's really hard to have to sort through all available staff to find players who have just retired and are now staff. The mail alerts would be nice since you can check if they're now a staff player by clicking their name (as you would do on the Hall-Of-Fame page), but it would also be nice to have a filter just displaying ex-players (although I don't know how necessary it would be with the mail alerts).
  4. I don't believe I need to upload any saves files, and this is an issues I've had over all of my saves, in all versions (I believe). The issue is that when you select right click -> scout player on any player in a non-major league, after you hit okay to the scouting assignment, the game will advance a day and thus kick you out of the league home page. This only happens when scouting from the league's pages, not the team's specific pages. This can be a big issue when trying to mass assign scouts to watch players in college and european junior leagues. Here's a gif of the problem: https://gfycat.com/RigidImmenseHadrosaurus
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