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  1. The thing is though, none of what you posted, was involved in the example I posted. Eric O'Dell was a fringe player, traded with a low 4th for a high 3rd. That is a good trade all day long. O'Dell also had only been on the team for 1 season, with terrible stats, no fans or board in the world are going to rage over a nobody player getting moved in order to move up the draft.
  2. I really don't understand the logic of this in game. Reason for this, is when they do it, example: I traded Eric O'Dell, (4th liner) and my low 4th rnd pick, to Dallas for a high 3rd rnd pick, and both the fans and board rage. This kind of trade, would not be paid any attention to by the board of a hockey team, as it is minor housekeeping duties kind of trade, and the fans would likely like moving up, in the draft for a very small price. I have also gotten this message, after acquiring a Franchise type player in Alexsander Barkov, which most teams would love to acquire.
  3. As of now, in game, this trophy is always awarded to the Stanley Cup Winner, with second place to Cup runner up, and third to one of the highest point finishers. The Jack Adams award in real life, is usually based solely on the regular season, and rarely does it go to the Cup Winner. Usually goes to coaches who turned teams around from one season to the next. I think this needs some adjusting.
  4. When making trade offers, many times if you trade a guy who hasn't played in a while, you get the, we aren't really interested, because, player X, hasn't played much recently. That would be understandable, but not when you are offering an AHL player who is playing every day, as if the game only recognizes the NHL as playing games. You also get this a lot, during the offseason, when obviously, no one is playing any games at all, and haven't since April, unless they made the playoffs and Finals and so forth. I have even gotten this response, in past games, after winning the cup on June 5th, and the player in question got hurt on May 22nd and was done for the rest of the playoffs. Definitely needs to be tweaked, in my humble opinion.
  5. In EHM, most players want 3-5 year deals, from RFA to Superstar. In real life, everyone wants and demands 5,6,7 and 8 year deals, from low rated players to superstars. I think contract length demands absolutely need to be adjusted to reflect this, as it is just so unrealistic to see Stamkos, or a Crosby signing 3 and 4 year deals. Any plans on this Riz?
  6. The official game, can't have real names, due to licensing issues, if you are wondering why, it doesn't come with real names.
  7. Right now, it is a very tedious and annoying to remove players from the shortlist, especially if you have a lot of names in the list. You have to go one at a time, having to click delete, pick player and then confirm, just to get rid of 1 name. Even if you right click remove, it is still very tedious to remove them one by one. Is there any chance, we could get a multi-delete in the near future?
  8. As the title says, just wondering, if there is any plan in the near future, to add an EHM produced editor, to the game? ArchibaldUK and TBL, have produced and up kept, an editor, that has allowed many, including myself, to continue to play and enjoy EHM 2007, and EHM:EA, till now. I just think, EHM producing a newer editor for the game, makes sense for everyone.
  9. While I agree, with that many shots, more than 5 goals should be scored, the reality is d-men scoring 20 to 30 in today's NHL, no definitely not. The number of d-men who hit that mark in a season is really low. Also take into account Dustin Byfuglien had 347 shots a few years back and only hit 19 goals, which led the league in that year. Chara in that year had 260 shots and 14 goals.
  10. First off, there is so much this game does right, and is very fun and enjoyable to play. However, there are things that were in EHM 2007 that still plague this game, now! 1) Hits way too low: In real life, NHL leaders get close to 300 hits in a full season. In this game, it is well below that mark, as well as, so many players, even with high hitting and aggression ratings, never seem to hit, regardless how you coach them. 2) Shots blocks way too low: See above, near identical situation. 3) Defenceman leading league by a lot in shots: (Never noticed this one in EHM 2007) Nearly every team, seems to have defencemen getting the most shots, which as far as I know, after 25 years being an NHL fan, almost never happens, accept in rare cases. 4) Way too many untouchable players: It seems like every goalie on an NHL roster, backups included, is deemed a franchise goalie. In reality, there are maybe 5-7 franchise type goalies in the whole league. While I understand it is there to keep the Sidney Crosby's from getting traded, and keeps teams, keeping their stars. The reality is, anyone can be traded! If Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jaromir Jagr, Ron Francis, Ray Bourque, Brett Hull, Jari Kurri and Paul Coffey, and many more of the top point producers in NHL history can be traded, than indeed, ANYONE can be traded. While unlikely, if a team offered Pittsburgh, 5 1st Rounders, a #1 Goalie, D-Man, and Center, (which I think would be a heavy over-payment, even for Crosby) and rights to some good prospects, Pittsburgh would most likely at least listen to the offer, if not be ecstatic at the offer they just received. In this game, untouchables, no matter the offer, can't be acquired.
  11. Yeah, he must need a significant downgrade, offensively, as he has just over 30 pts this year, in almost a full year.
  12. Danny Dekeyser got a 1 game suspension for getting ejected, I appealed it, and they said it was revoked, yet he still has the red suspension tag. Also, in the North America the wording for bans in the news, is suspension, it shouldn't say banned in the headline.
  13. Yeah, this needs to be fixed asap. I am playing as the Red Wings, and through the beginning of December, I have already played in four sets of 3 in 3, and one, 4 in 4. As bad as that is though, it is nothing compared to the Anaheim Ducks, who played 5 in a row, and 10 games in 12.
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