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  1. I had a feeling that's all that could be done. Ive just bought some screwdrivers to try and clean it, if that doesn't work i'll have to order a new one in time for the beta Thanks for your help!
  2. I've got a mac book that I've had for a few years and its really struggling to run this years game at moment, fan blowing loud and getting very hot. Its also a lot slower running fm than it used to be. Ive recently been thinking about getting a new one but they're £1300 so i thought about if there's any way i can upgrade the components that will make it faster and last a few more years. I know a lot of the MacBooks components can't be touched so I'm probably at a loss. I have mid-2014 model and if there is anything i can do to make fm run faster and smoother i would appreciate the he
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