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  1. should the fm2007 threads be combined, it seems pointless for all these ideas to just rot away towards the bottom of the forum.
  2. Now i play quite alot of managing games and today whilst playing LMA Manager on the ps2 i had a sort of idea for FM,weel waht it is, is LMA have shortcuts as what to shout at your players when your team our in possesion eg say triangle would be to shoot on site in a situation where your 2-1 down with five minutes to go. i feel this would go well in FM as after your players have had there milk and cookies at half time during the team talk, the rest is down to them isn't it? you can't really do anything else but watch the game and make a few subs. sure you can pause the game and set the mentality to attack in that situation realism away, i want to be able to tell my players PRECISELY what to do in situations from the touchline not pause the game to have to .Generally i feel that having shortcuts to shout at your players during real time would add realism to FM as in real life you don't just see jose sitting on the bench during the match, you see him getting agitated at every incident during the game telling his players what to do shouting there heads off. i also want to be able to argue with the refs decisions and i want to get touchline bans during the game so then it would bring a new aspect to FM that is you'd have to phone your assistant and give him insructions on what to do during the game, i also want to see like in real life players bombarding the referee when a decision goes against them, more stupid yellow and red card decisions to get fully across in FM just how difficult a referee's job is. Now then heres the weird but sort of good idea imo i had today (bear with me i'm not sure how to word this) well what i thought was for people with webcams could connect there webcams to the game and during the game when a penalty kick is awarded against the human manager lets say there angry the camera would catch this and save it into lets say c://program files/fm2007/camera/penalty0987 and the next day you'd get a media item that says something along the lines of 'team x manager misery as his team crash out of FA Cup to acontraversial penalty kick' underneath it would have watch, it would then show you the penalty kick and your reaction to the decision. As what sky sports do when a penalty/goal is given.
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