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  1. no you can't. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> This is actually against the rules, in Leeds' relegation year Spurs wanted to buy Robinson in January then loan him back to Leeds for their relegation fight. The move was blocked by The Premier League and they had to call off the transfer until the Summer. You can loan them to another club for the season of course, thats fine </div></BLOCKQUOTE> how can it be against the rules, they do it all the time in itly, like milan buying pozzi 2/3 years ago and sending him back to original team. or more famously miccoli, bought from perugia, sent back to perugia, etc. 1)this may have already been said, but i think the team talk is cool, how about the possibilty of talking to a plyer coming on as a sub, and i dont mean at half time. like if you send a player in with 5minutes left and you need a goal, some sort 'the game is in your hands' etc. 2)some reason behind manager recieving higher lower pay, other than status. 3)talking recently retired players back to football, some one liek shearer, or like milan did a couple of years ago with costacurta, or atalanta di with albertini after he retired from barcelona.
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