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  1. What date do you come back from your holidays? I give them 5 weeks. Next time I'm going to give them less time off and see if a training camp comes up.
  2. Liverpool in 2013/2014, I went up and they came down. Next year they were beaten in the playoff final by Derby.....Shawcross on 119k pw...as England manager I told him to get his head down for 'pool.....I don't want him moving clubs and stopping the bankrupting process.
  3. Okay from that I guess the answer is I would be paying twice because the game isn't factoring in the planned upgrade....and the badly explain email was because it was an instant upgrade on the youth category the first time I asked. Cheers Winto. SI? A fault perhaps or does it need to spend twice? I'll update in a few days as I reloaded my game and only went for the youth category upgrade.
  4. You will get this depending on which list they are on (loan/unwanted), staff responsibilities are ignored when this is on.
  5. Hugely concerned by the half star but actually so far so good, slow to load and slower to save but quicker through menus and generally I am very impressed with how much nicer it is to use. Huge lag on the tactics board but actually, SI, well done!
  6. I wanted to know the answer to a quandary but perhaps it would help others too. I have asked my board to improve the 'Youth Setup Category' to which they agreed, but I noticed under club overview/email that to do this they are to improve the youth facilities. This will take 6 months at a cost of £4million. I then go back to the board to ask for other improvements; I see youth facilities is available so I ask for an upgrade. They agree at a time frame of 6 months or however many months are left to improve the 'Youth Setup Category' and at a cost of £4million. So I have to ask, are they the same upgrade? If I ask to improve the category and the training am I paying £4million twice for the same upgrade. Anyone had this experience? Might know the answer? I am Walsall....£4million is a lot... Also I did ask for a youth category upgrade the season before, and the email I got back from the board had a blank subject, and simply read 'they agreed with my suggestion at the last board meeting', there was no mention of what they were going to improve.... I love the new interaction but sometimes I'm left a little lost as to how it actually benefits me.
  7. Another water logged pitch in the month of March for me, five for the season. Matches are spread out well though, well enough, three day between most. Appreciate that in this FM.
  8. Hmmm, I haven't scored any in 2 years; though I haven't actually set it up. I notice my best buy always takes them but he hits the wall a lot.
  9. ....I signed 22 in the last window with no issues, just kept a balance in the starting line up....well a mental balance with some consistent players who spoke the same language. I'm second now, though I'll probably finish in the Championship playoffs.
  10. I had a leaky defence but improved it with one consistent defender and one that could head. Also a few kept getting nervous in games so I replaced them...seems balance is more important in this FM. Btw not leaking goals now, far from it.
  11. I use scouts to give me an idea of players I have found, they are great for occasional players or quick needed players but they don't add to my armoury of new talent; not really. I just search for everyone and hope I get a good result, on occasions my best scouts have got it bang wrong and my own decision has landed me a gem....ha, it has landed me a lemon of two too.
  12. I have just employed one but I can't give you too much of an insight, I got one to deal with players who after a year of negotiations (rejected work permits) suddenly wouldn't talk to me. Turned out they wouldn't talk to him either so that was a pain, especially when they signed for someone else. He did try and negotiate but it was rejected straight away.
  13. Yup, in the lower leagues when I get far in competition I always make sure I have a few short term loans coming in to deal with the pile up....waterlogged pitches...hmmm well that's another matter. So far 4 games down on that front.
  14. It is frustrating, doing some serious hours in scouting only to not be allowed full stats due to restrictions is a pain. I am Walsall in the Championship and have done well with a decent bank balance of £4million but still no wider scouting options or foreign loan clubs, can do Europe. I guess Ill have to wait till I get in the Prem. Better scouting would have been a nice negotiation option to have in my newly offered contract.
  15. As Walsall a fourth postponement in December drove me mad, four fixtures in 8 days in Jan/Feb. So I restarted on the 4th and just before asked for a pitch relay, suddenly I could play that fixture.... Though hilariously when I asked for the pitch to be relaid to accommodate my footballing style they told me to change that style....SI...where is the 'I'll resign if you treat me with such contempt' button.
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