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    date of birth 13-oct-1981

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    Dordrecht, The Netherlands. FM08 Salernitana game season 80


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    FC Dordrecht

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  1. Thanks! I give is a try with a lower league from The Netherlands What about training and MP
  2. What about training and MP? Any OI? Give it a try with a lower league club from Austria
  3. FM 08 79 seasons with Salernitana (still playing) Start with season 80 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/43319-What-is-your-longest-period-by-one-club
  4. Game crash.... wat busy with season 81 with backup back to season 79 Now starting season 80.
  5. Any OI? What about training and match preparation?
  6. I will try this with my poor Wohlen (switserland second division)
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