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  1. With woking you use man marking? pitch size? standard? No OI?
  2. thanks, to get it clear: this is the 99pt tactic: Knap FM12 Tactics Tactic updated for recent patch http://www.mediafire.com/?buv5ucght2vmvf2 thanks again
  3. still have good results with the original MU tactic.. I will test the 99 pts tac.
  4. Hey Knap Can I try your 4-2-3-1 for a lower league team from holland?
  5. hey Knap, thanks man Just some questions for the Grain 42221 tac. Tactic works with lower league teams? Recommend pitch size? Recommend Match preparation? And do you use some OI's ? thanks, I'll give it a try I had succes with your demo tactics.
  6. Hey Knap, I test your demo tactic with my struggeling FC Dordrecht, I Just promoted to the Eredivisie (premier division) We really struggeling in the first days of the league, When I used your Demo tac (! KnapFM12D4-4-2RCCDP18P50F47A13 (Man City, Jul 2011)) The good result begin to come. Questions: Pitch size? OI? Match preparation? Screen of the results with your demo tac. Thanks! Note: I still use your KNAP106 tac for FM2008, with my Salernitana game, I almost ended season 79.....
  7. One more question, same settings for attacking freekicks?
  8. thanks LST = left striker?? can I also change it in the team and player instructions? Left corner near post Right corner near post RCB Attack near post are there more settings? thanks ???
  9. thank you, any corner settings? Left corner right footed player, and right corner left footed player???? Best header DC on the left or on the right? Thanks Knap
  10. the Kimz tac, looks very good, it reminds me of your amazing tac from FM08 (still playing with Salernitana with that tactic) Any infromation about the new kimz tactic you made? OI? or match preparation? pitch size? I give it a try, I also download the defensive tac, to SUS Thanks Wijnand
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