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  1. Is it possible to get a report on one of your players (particularly the youth team) from someone other than your assistant manager? This is because my new intake of youth players has just come in and my ass man's ability to judge potential is only 14 - can I get anyone with a higher skill in this area to look instead?
  2. Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Yep, I've read that and, tbh, I haven't done anything too differently from what he does. I think the issue is not passing the ball well - too many times it gets given away. How do I go about changing that, and, also, how do I focus on winning the ball back - high defensive line, hassle opponents? I will try and make Ozil stay more central - do I need to limit his creative freedom and instruct him to play narrower because of this?
  3. Problems I am playing as Arsenal and attempting to employ a 4-2-3-1 formation which features high pressing and patient, possession-based build-up when I have the ball. I am struggling to create chances in attack, which I would like to do primarily through the middle, and in defence I am weak and concede every game through leaving a man unmarked in the penalty area, usually from a cross or through ball between my centre-backs. Shape/formation I am using a balanced fluidity and control philosophy. As well as this, I have set my left winger individual instructions to play narrower to try and create room for my left-back to expose and for my LW to create something in the middle. Team and Level Arsenal – Premier League and Champions League. Expectations I am expected to qualify for the Champions League and, after four PL games, I am yet to win and have drawn 3-3 with both Hull and Crystal Palace at home, along with losses away from home to Everton and Cardiff. Details I want Ozil to be the focal point for my attacks but when he gets the ball he appears to be too deep and rarely puts the ball through for Vela or my other striker to run on to. The only threat I seem to have is when my RW runs down the flank, making me one dimensional – surely, with such creative players in my team, I shouldn't be struggling to generate chances in this way? Also, I have at times struggled to dominate possession like I want to – however, this may be because I am playing away from home? When I concede at home, it is mainly on the break, although away from home the opposition get the better of possession and as such have more chances – it's as simple as that. Can you help?
  4. You were right with medium! And cheers
  5. Anyone got info on this? Will help my game a lot.
  6. Say I have Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga loaded on my game and no other countries - is it worth scouting outside of these countries? For example, how worthwhile would it be to scout Brazil and Holland if they're not playable on my game? I'm just wondering as so far there hasn't been great results.
  7. My bad about the team, I'd just swapped the formation around so that explains the players out of position, and a lot of players were tired which is why Litmanen is in the side, his technical skills are excellent. Will putting KPB as an AP on attack help feed the poacher?
  8. Hi all, I'm playing FM13 with AC Milan and struggling a little to make the most of my chances. My players will get to the edge of the area and unleash a long shot rather than playing someone else in, or my wingers will pass the ball to the full-backs instead of putting in a cross. I'm currently playing a 4-4-2 after previously trying a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3-2-1 and having similar success. The issue is that my players seem to prefer hitting long shots rather than playing in the strikers for the clear cut chances. In my last game, I had 18 shots yet the majority of them were from distance. I've a feeling that it is something to do with a lack of space for the strikers but I don't know exactly how to resolve this. I'm considering putting my AP to support rather than attack to make this work - what d'you think? Here's my tactic: Also, I've attached a save game so you can possible have a look and see what you think. It's here: http://www.filedropper.com/acmilanvchievo Cheers, Jake
  9. By that you mean if you have 3-4 specialist roles play rigidly, and if you have 0-1 play very fluidly? Also, my strikers are the quickest in the league, so how would you recommend me playing with this is mind? Thanks for your help, that will help me a lot!
  10. PROBLEM: My central midfielders are not creating the chances I need to score from. They seem to struggle to get involved in the game and I often lose matches as my CMs do not get forward enough on the pitch to provide for the strikers. Also, when my midfield does advance and get into the final third frequently, teams sit deep against me and soak up my attacks. Being a small team, I can't go wide and pump crosses into the area so this is a big problem. FORMATION: TEAM AND LEVEL: Southport, Blue Square North EXPECTATIONS: Board minimum expectation was promotion, I am underachieving at the moment and after 5 games am yet to win. Hope this is better!
  11. Sorry about that, I have actually read those threads but it's difficult to pinpoint my exact issue. I'd say that the main problem I have is imposing myself on a game. I play a 4-4-2 as my central midfielders are my strongest players, but they are not making an impact and struggling to create chances. When I play a control/attacking strategy, I am beaten in possession and shots, so how would be the best way to solve this problem?
  12. After starting unemployed, I'm in my third season with a third different club at the moment. After resigning from Bath following a board dispute and Altrincham because I didn't feel like it was working, I now find myself at Southport in the BSN. The thing is, and this has happened at every club I've been at, is that no matter what I try to do my team seem unable to perform consistently. At the moment, I have a good squad of players but they can't perform for me. I'm yet to win a game and it's getting quite frustrating. I've tried attacking, playing on the counter, setting up as a standard approach, but nothing seems to yield results. I'm not looking for a step by step guide on how to set up master tactics as it's something I want to learn about, I just would like some tips on how to make things work. Cheers, Jake!
  13. More forward runs, so would setting the AM to Support make it easier?
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