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  1. Let FM2017 be played with former databases. So you can choose to start in 2000 or 2005 or 1996 or whatever, with the squads as they were in that year. Sigames has all the data available from former games, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement.
  2. Wow, more than 2000 posts on here already, so i'm going to guess the question i have has already been asked. Wouldn't know how to start searching though, so here goes. It's about player roles. If you have two forwards, for example a poacher and an advanced forward, then manually set the sliders to the same positions, do the roles still have any effect? So if you set the advanced forward's sliders the same as the poachers, will the advanced forward then play as a poacher? Or does his original role mean he'll play in a different way?
  3. is the new update just a database update, or match engine changes too?
  4. well the way it works now is that the season has started but we're all still playing with an old version of the game rather than the new one. i'd rather start the new football season with a new game. just seems like much better timing to me
  5. One thing i've always wondered is why the game doesnt come out annually in July to coincide with the beginning of the new football season. That's when football mania starts and i imagine many gamers want a new version of the game. The patch updates would be less annoying too, cause transfers are going on anyway and people will want to restart the game to play with their teams new signings. So release the game beginning July, have a patch in August if needed and the last one 1st September including a transfer window database update. That schedule would make so much more sense to me.
  6. it's a shame SI dont have a tool to convert an FM10 database to FM11. A lot of work went into that and it's a waste of time to have to do that every year. If it was possible to convert databases to the next version of FM then a legends database could grow more detail every year.
  7. i rate him at a level similar to rafael and raised his ca/pa to match rafael's. FM has been underrating liverpool players for years. Anderson, Carrick, Fletcher & Hargreaves all better than Lucas & Meireles? Not to mention giving them a much larger fanbase. Personally i like to edit the database and give comparable players comparable PA/CA's.
  8. does anyone do their own edits? i always think liverpool players are underrated. here are mine (spoiler cause of CA/PA)
  9. not in my game either. he's still in school so not in the game
  10. For anyone on a mac having trouble, right click the "football manager 2011" folder under applications, select get info and make sure you have read&write access at the bottom. if you dont the patch will look like it's patching but nothing happens
  11. Alternatively, just use the editor, that's what it's there for!
  12. surf12

    8th March Patch

    http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/248738-11.2.1-Can-their-please-be-something-done-about-this-transfer-system http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/248266-Bad-finishing-on-one-on-ones
  13. surf12

    8th March Patch

    Good point. They should release the game at the end of august so the game starts a the beginning of the season. The februari patch should *only* be a data update. As other posters have said, i'm not spending any money on FM12 until it's fully patched. If they plan to release a patch to fix bugs in march that's when i will buy it, not before.
  14. surf12

    PC vs Mac

    genier works through "wine"
  15. If it was up to me future versions of FM would be released 1st september, i.e. straight after the summer transfer window to coincide with the beginning of the new football season. I think SI should do their utmost to not require any new patches. If anything, release the demo earlier and work with the feedback on that. I dont't think it's acceptable that i've bought a game in october/november and i have to wait until march for a proper working version. I for one won't be buying FM12 until all the patches are out. The thing that bothers me is that there was a proper match engine in previous versions and there was a working transfer system. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Spend time on other stuff instead.