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  1. Let FM2017 be played with former databases. So you can choose to start in 2000 or 2005 or 1996 or whatever, with the squads as they were in that year. Sigames has all the data available from former games, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement.
  2. Wow, more than 2000 posts on here already, so i'm going to guess the question i have has already been asked. Wouldn't know how to start searching though, so here goes. It's about player roles. If you have two forwards, for example a poacher and an advanced forward, then manually set the sliders to the same positions, do the roles still have any effect? So if you set the advanced forward's sliders the same as the poachers, will the advanced forward then play as a poacher? Or does his original role mean he'll play in a different way?
  3. is the new update just a database update, or match engine changes too?
  4. it's a shame SI dont have a tool to convert an FM10 database to FM11. A lot of work went into that and it's a waste of time to have to do that every year. If it was possible to convert databases to the next version of FM then a legends database could grow more detail every year.
  5. Another steam question. I've just received FM 2011. If i install it through steam using the activation code will i be able to install it on a new laptop if i upgrade from my current one, or will the activation code only allow me to install it on one laptop?
  6. Macbook 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (P8600) Integrated Nvidia GeForce 320M with 256 MB shared with main memory Macbook Air 1.86 GHz (SL9400) Intel Core 2 Duo with 6 MB on-chip L2 cache Nvidia GeForce 320M using 256 MB of DDR3 SDRAM
  7. Thanks, had to look for the key (in the manual!) but your answer is a great help.
  8. Actually, another question. The macbook airs don't have a diskdrive. I've bought the game on CD. Will i be able to play the game with out a CD drive (activation through steam for example?) or would i have to buy the game again?
  9. Guys, I'm looking at a new macbook. Graphic specs are listed as: "NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory" Will this comfortably run the 3D graphics to the highest detail level?
  10. Two things: Squad status - I want an option that players in my first team are eligible to be picked for reserve matches. I want that for those 3-4 players in my 20/22 first team squad that rarely play. It's hard work and boring to micromanage them between first team and reserves, i want to see them in the first team squad and know they'll have a decent level of fitness cause theyve played reserve team games. Player potential - I'd like to see more variation as to which players become superstars. For example, right now a PA of -10 means the player will receive a PA between 170-200. A PA of -9 means a player will receive a PA of 150-200. I want there to be a larger variation, i.e. players with a PA of -10 have a 20% chance of a PA >190, players with a -9 PA have a 5% chance of a PA>190, players with a PA of -9 have a 0,1% chance of a PA>190, etc. Might sound like hard work, but it prevents the same players being great on everyones games and increases the variability.
  11. Firstly and most inportantly, get the match engine working from the off, without need for continuous patching. FM2008 is already a great game, enough options, but the match engine needs more reliability. What i'd like to see additionally is to set a squad status for players in the first team that's "allow player to play in reserve games". I have about 20 players in my first team, between 2 and 6 rarely play (depending on injuries). I'd like them to take part in reserve games to keep match fitness, but can't be arsed to micromanage moving them to the reserves on weekly basis.
  12. haven't read all 18 pages, but what i would like is more squad flexibility. right now i have about 20 players in my first team and the rest in the reserves. i would like players in my first team to play reserve games, if they dont play first team games to keep them match fit, without having to put them in the reserves and bring them back later. so a small 'can play in reserve games' tickbox on the first team page, or an easily changeable squad status would be great. this keeps my backup players match fit, without too much hassle
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