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  1. I do watch sections of my games on full, particularly the start of both halves. I am noticing more that I need to have more adequate cover for my full backs if I have them as attacking. Half backs sit between the centre halves when in possession right? This could be an idea, will play with it.
  2. I didn't even think at how my front line are most likely attacking an overcrowded middle against smaller teams. The reason for me choosing a DF rather than a DLF, is because I didn't like how the DLF plays more riskier passes, especially as he is the main link between midfield and attack. I have realised my left side is probably causing me problems, however am reluctant to change their duties - do you think having a defensive duty LCM would be sufficient cover?
  3. I didn't concede however, against Man City and Arsenal! Bizarre. Yes I have realised I am mostly conceding counters on the wings. I have Holebas LB who's attacking influence would be affected if I changed to support, which is why I had my LCM on support (and hold position), but you have made me consider looking at changing LCM to a defence duty, perhaps.
  4. Mainly crosses, which does back up your points. I like you idea of changing to a back 3 when playing against smaller sides. Seems odd to be effectively setting up more defensively against worse teams, but I guess it makes sense. I will keep an eye on the midfield three, I am fairly happy with how they are playing at the moment though.
  5. Hi guys, As the title suggests I am doing really well (with Watford) against the top sides in the Prem, losing only to Manchester United after playing United, Arsenal, Chelsea and City. However, I am struggling against the weaker sides in the prem, seeing me pick up huge defeats to Huddersfield (3-1), West Brom (4-1) and Newcastle (3-0). I understand big teams play differently than smaller teams and you will need to play differently against them. However, I currently have one tactic because I cannot see what I need to tweak when playing against smaller teams. This is my tactic. In the Chelsea game, I went 3-0 down but I thought I was playing well, so I left it, and we came back to win 4-3. We played so well I kept the tactic the same against Palace, and as you can see I drew 3-3. I felt I allowed them to put unnecessary pressure on us, with Joel Ward (their DR) getting 2 assists. So in the next game against West Brom, a side I see to be similar to Palace, with a big centre forward, I changed my defensive line from deeper to higher, to try and avoid boxes being put in the box - lost 4-1. Next I faced City, accepted I am underdogs, so went back to a deep line, played magnificently, and won 4-0... 4-0. After thrashing City, I felt it'd be foolish to change the tactic when facing newly promoted Huddersfield town, wrong. I lost 3-1 at home. One of their goal was a corner and one counter from my attacking free kick. Is this just unlucky? Or do I just need some tips on how I could adapt my tactic and have a slightly different way of playing against the weaker teams? Please let me know what you think or if you need any other details I have missed out. Thank-you.
  6. To be fair i have just seen on his report that it says he could successfully be retrained as an attacking midfielder! I shall wait till the end of the season and train him, use the friendlies as training instead of important games. would still be great to see if SI could make it easier to tell ST to drop deeper.
  7. I feel like that would position him deeper off the ball but when in position he'd return up top. My player is far from a DF besides. It seems bizarre for there not to be straightforward instructions to do a very normal thing in modern day football!
  8. He is red in AMC, how long does it take to become green?
  9. This seems the only way! However the coaches say he can't learn that PPM despite being young
  10. A problem I haven't had til FM17, is how deep my support striker drops in a 4-4-2. I have two amazing strikers in a Newcastle save, but cannot make the most out of my tactic as my support striker stays in line with his partner when someone deep is on the ball. I play every game on standard (and alter if necessary). I have team shape on balanced. Now I've tried a few roles and altered team shape but I cannot get him to drop into the AM strata when we are on the ball. The most obvious role for me is the F9, but he won't pull back and offer support until the ball is in a very attacking position. I have tried DLFs, and I have tried going Fluid with the idea it would boost his input into the transitional phase of play, nope. If anybody could shed some light that'd be great! Thanks
  11. No I haven't, I'm not a fan of chopping and changing formations, I want my team to have one formation then make adaptions
  12. I fully understand your point, but I'm not confident enough defensively to realistically think I'm capable of a clean sheet vs Barca, therefore I know I'll need to score, even if I would be happy with a draw. Therefore imo taking away my attacking options is essentially waving a white flag and settling for a defeat by a couple goals.
  13. Thanks for your reply, it makes sense that changing the AMLs duty would make him track back more, but wouldn't this take away from any threat id have? I would usually only close down with men past CMs against such a good side but I thought it'd work giving their players less time on the ball, turns out they don't need it!
  14. Hi all,I have been playing FM for a few years now, and am confident on my natural instinct when it comes to the attacking phase, even the transition phase. Basically, on the ball, I am confident. Defensively, however, I always feel I lack knowledge, clueless is a strong word, but I could definitely use some help. I've recently started a save with Valencia, and have had a decent start. 0-0 Alaves, 4-1 Bilbao, 4-1 Eibar, and then I came up against Barcelona at the Nou Camp. This is my tactic going into the game; My aim is to play safe on the ball, keeping the ball as we travel up the pitch, and both CMs have PI to get further forward so once we are ready, they will look to make runs ahead of Zaza, and wingbacks will overlap. Worked wonders vs Bilbao and Eibar, with both Parejo and Perez getting in team of the week. The game went disastrously. We had almost nothing going forward, however, looking forward, I am confident myself on fixing those issues. We lost 5-0. It is not the fact we lost that I want help, it was the issues that led to the goals, because I do not know how I would fix them. I am not necessarily looking for answers, but pointers, a second opinion. I was making notes on the goals as I was watching the game. I will attach the pkm, and will enter the notes. Thanks. 1st goal - nothing penalty. 2nd goal, Messi cuts inside, Gaya follows him, fair enough, however Orellana doesn't track Robertos run, who crosses in for Suarez but ball rebounds to Neymar because Nani has already started running away, assuming because the ball hit Garay and therefore Nani thinks we have the ball. How do I get Orellana to track back? He is on attack duty in AML. 3rd goal, again Orellana not tracking Roberto, free cross, and Suarez unmarked in the box, despite Garay and Abdennour not marking anyone. 8 of our players in the box and 3 of theirs. What can I do to prevent Suarez being open? 4th goal, Cancelo caught forward, Neymar in space, and passes to Suarez. Suarez is in a lot of space despite, again, both Garay and Abdennour being back. We win the ball back. But should I mark Suarez tighter? Or man mark? I worry about his off the ball movement if I were to mark him tightly and fear gaps would be exploited if I man marked. Neymar ends up on the ball, 4 men around him, and picks out Messi on the right wing, with a 10 yard radius of space around him. Should I instruct Gaya to man mark him or just Mark him tighter? Messi skins Gaya and fires in, not a lot you can do to stop that I guess. 5th goal, we defend fairly well, showing Messi onto his right foot down the right wing, he still pokes a cross past Gaya, and again Suarez gets to the ball ahead of Abdennour and Garay 2 yards from goal. Solutions!?Barcelona v Valencia.pkm
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