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  1. stevenpetryszyn

    very very confused with installation!

    thanks m8, i think it just slowed down my internet really, but its all good now guys, cheers
  2. stevenpetryszyn

    very very confused with installation!

    oh ryte thxs m8, but im not sure what to do really?? i know if you choose the other method and not steam that it installs on your hard drive as every other fm, but the patch is not available for download yet, but if you install through steam you get the download, steam was just to much hassle and slowed my computer down abit :S dont know what to do?
  3. ok, well i went through activated the game with steam etc, it installed steam and downloaded the update, but nothing is copied to the hard drive?? is this because of using steam?? because i want football manager on my hard drive, not running through steam, as the only way i could play it was through steam, if you want the same, i sugest you dont use steam?? have just uninstalled it now! and going to try reinstalling and see if the other options install the game on my hard drive properly!!??