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  1. Apparently geography isn't Sammer's strongest point. After all, he's a football manager, not a geographer
  2. In real life there's a lot a good physio can do to make a player recover faster from an injury.
  3. I always start the matches on standard and usually don't make any changed in first half. But sometimes I do change to counter or attacking in half-time or during second half. But only if the tactics didn't work in first half. And if leading by a single goal I always use contain in the end, works pretty well.
  4. I always start the matches on standard and usually don't make any changed in first half. But sometimes I do change to counter or attacking in half-time or during second half. But only if the tactics didn't work in first half. And if leading by a single goal I always use contain in the end, works pretty well.
  5. Thanks for your replies. Made me feel unbelievably much better hearing I'm not the only one using a default tactic. Thought I was the only one and it almost made me feel like I'm a "lesser" manager, lol
  6. Reason why I'm asking is that I'm doing brilliantly since I switched to 4-5-1 default tactic. Playing with Derby we were somewhat miraculously saved from relegation in last season during the last 10 games of season (played those last ten games with this default tactic). And now, 15 games to the new season and we're sitting comfortably second in the Championship (media prediction was somewhere between relegation candidates and lower mid-table). I have created several tactics on my own and even had moderate success with them earlier. But during last season's bad spell I got frustrated by my own inability to save the team from relegation, switched to this default tactic and the team hasn't looked the same since. Now I'm too afraid to switch back to my own tactics and why should I? I'm doing great at the moment. It may not last forever but until then I'm happy with this. During my history of playing FM I have never actually thought one could do well with the default tactics (never really tested them either TBH). That's why I started wondering if anyone else uses default tactics. And more importantly, is this only a blip or is it really possible to be successful doing so?
  7. Man Utd 0 - 1 Freiburg (Champions League Final 2020) My first CL title ever :-D
  8. Your Best Bargain

    In 2018 I got 33 years old Yaya Toure from Arsenal in exchance for a no-hoper regen from my reserves. Arsene must have been becoming senile (or the regen had potential I failed to spot which I doubt) :-)
  9. Proto Tarkula: Interesting, that is exactly the same formation I created yesterday (although I'm still playing FM09). Works wonders (especially when I'm against an attacking team) with direct passing and left back running up the pitch. LB and ML are set to cross the ball often to far post where both ST and AMR are banging goals in. Doesn't work that well against teams playing defensively though. In those cases I'm using more conventional 4-1-3-2 (DM, MC, MR, ML, 2xST)
  10. I managed to do the same thing once. But I was very drunk at the time so I have an excuse :-)
  11. I've been thinking the same agree with OP and I think the current system is not very realistic. I also would like to see the current scouting system revamped so that the reports would be more vague and some of the attributes should not be revealed at all before the player joins in the team. And not necessarily even then but after he's spent some time with the team. For example if a player has not taken a single corner in an official match for his whole career how should my scouts be able to rate his Corners attribute in pin-point accuracy? And there are many more attributes that should be very hard to give a precise value. Most mental attributes are almost impossible to give very precise value. Another point is that I'd like to see my scouts making errors every now and then. For example if the scouted player scores a beautiful goal with a long shot in the only match my scout has seen the player playing in, don't you think he would give the player's Long Shots attribute quite high rating even if in reality his Long Shots attribute isn't that high and that goal was nothing more than one lucky strike? In current system the scout would give the correct value and I think that would not be the case in real life. So, the scout should rate the players Long Shots higher than it actually is because the player did something spectacular. After a few more games the scout would probably revise the attribute after seeing the player fail a few times in a similar attempt. I know this kind of system would be extremely hard to code in the game but would give some realism into scouting and my own valuation of players.
  12. Don't know if I should laugh or cry but I just noticed that from my last 11 games in only one game I've got a goal scored by a striker. I'm not talking about random goal-drought of a single player - I have 3 strikers that I rotate in 4-4-2. Of course all of them have suffered from periods when they can't seem to score - but I don't remember that happening to all my strikers at the same time before! So, am I having the most efficient strikers ever or do you have similar experiences? Needless to say they are all up for sale now ... :-)
  13. I understand your point and that's pretty much how I think Mental Attributes should work in FM. However I've began to believe that, while not going that far that I'm claiming mental attributes are totally cosmetic in game, IMO they are hugely undervalued. To be honest, I would think twice before putting my money on Paolo if he was against Usain Bolt in FM. IRL there would be no contest of course :-) The reason for me to start this thread was that in many occasions I had witnessed (not just those two examples I mentioned before, there are more but I'm not going to list them all here :-)) physically strong but mentally inferior player doing better than they probably should and better than a player who was mentally superior but lacking physique. That's how I felt after playing this game for countless of hours and that was very worrying as I obviously love the game and would want it to reflect real life as accurately as possible. I would absolutely love it if someone came here and prove me wrong. Prove me that it's all because of my tactics or something else I've missed. I understand it's difficult to provide bulletproof evidence on this subject but at least it's good to know what other people think about his. As I said, I'm still playing FM09 and therefore cannot say anything about importance of attributes in FM10. As phnompenhandy mentioned, attributes are better balanced in the new version and that's very good news indeed. Btw. Yesterday I edited the database and reduced all Chelsea players' Bravery and Determination to 1. Later this week I'll run a season-long holiday test with both, the edited and original database to see what kind of effect it has on their performances. Probably I should run the both test at least twice to get more reliable results but I'm not sure if I have time for that. Predictions, anyone? How do you think they'll do?
  14. Yes it's difficult to find out evidence from a single match. Probably only way to reliably find out the importance of those attributes is to run a test where all players of one team have Bravery and Determination edited to 1 and another test with original database. And then comparing results would hopefully shed some light on this. And maybe comparing the amount of successful tackles would be useful too. I might even do it whenever I find some time for it :-)
  15. Tomer: Thank you, that's kind of information I wanted to get. Sorry if I worded it poorly but English is not my first language :-P I have a couple of examples that made me question the meaning of mental attributes in the first place: I have a strong back four with relatively high mental and physical attributes although one of the centre-halves is ageing and lacking pace a bit. I recently had a terrible run when I managed only one win from 9 games or something like that and replaced the ageing centre-half with a young DC from reserves with very high physical attributes but absolutely abysmal mental attributes. The result: 5 wins from next 5 games and the young defender got high ratings in every match. Another example: In another match match my midfield was completely outplayed by a team that had 2 MC's and a DM. Their best player was their DM whose Bravery was 6 and I had sold years back in lower division as I felt that he wasn't good enough for my team. Ok, these are only a couple of examples and I understand I may have missed a whole bunch of situations that have gone another way and where high mental attributes have been the key. But I'm still worried that mental attributes are not that important and I've overlooked players because of their low mental attributes for years. This is why I wanted to hear another people's opinions about this :-)