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  1. Croatia done well to come back from what looked like a potential hammering at the start. Spain subbing players off with one eye on the knockouts and allowing a centre back to take a penalty she you have that much talent on the field wasn't very clever.
  2. The bet I placed on the Germans to win it, placed after the group stages, the only one I have running really. No way Messi beats or even levels Rodriguez with only the final to play.
  3. Honestly, that pass from Aguero there, after good work from Palacio, was absolutely abysmal. He's been so poor this tournament when he's played.
  4. Hosts losing in the semi has become a bit of a habit the past 20 years.
  5. I backed Germany to win tonight and outright but that's still sore.
  6. I thought that right after the group stages and never backed it .
  7. This will easily go down as the most memorable game in World Cup finals history. Crazy game of football
  8. Ironic how they're going on about poor defending and great attacking play when there's been so many low scoring games.
  9. No teams really impressing since very early in the tournament. The better teams finding a way through every time.
  10. How many times has Fellaini completely missed his man with a pass tonight? Terrible player
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