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  1. Thanks! It's a shame to hear your adventures at Plymouth came to an abrupt end but hopefully you'll find another team that inspires you soon. Cheers! We were the most active club throughout the entire English leagues when it came to transfers in but I did manage to condense the post... a bit The mass purge was definitely needed and there's only four players from last season that are still here (with Alex Gilliead and Josh Laurent being the ones who are Championship ready). As for Norburn he will become a decent Championship player but he started kicking up a fuss about game time a
  2. Shrewsbury Town Update So with promotion all sorted it was time to turn my head towards recruitment for the new season. The aim being to get a squad together capable of avoiding relegation and hopefully consolidating our position in the Championship. As I mentioned in my previous update the board have been rather generous handing me a £3m transfer budget and a wage budget of £80k to help our cause. I'll start off with the outgoings. Firstly three key senior players in Scott Golbourne, Anthony Grant and Mat Sadler were released as they are all 30+ and just aren't quite cut out fo
  3. Thanks @smplfc123 I'm not surprised Taylor bangs them in. I've been scouting him for a while but due to Charlton being promoted along with us I doubt I'll be able to prize him away. Best of luck with QPR. They've just been relegated in my save, but you've made a fantastic start and hopefully you can keep up the good run of form. Cheers @torquayfmer I didn't think the board would be so generous with the budget but the sale of Beckles earlier on in the season definitely helped with our financial situation. It looks like things are going well for you at Sunderland. Some excellent wins in th
  4. Shrewsbury Town Update Well we managed to maintain our good run of form... Those are the results from matchday 30 through to 45. As you can see we picked up 10 wins, 5 draws and one disappointing loss away to now relegated Bristol Rovers. It was a real grind from February onward, teams sat deep and defended in numbers but we would somehow find a way through. A prime example of this being our results from March. But those four draws in a row made the league a lot tighter than it should've been. After matchday 45 we were still top of the table on 94pts going into the final game of
  5. Thanks guys! Unfortunately my save in Italy got corrupted so I needed a new team and I had an itch to manage in England again. I'm hoping to set a few hours aside tonight to finish of the season. But one thing's for sure... if we can continue our good run then Charlton are going to push us all the way. They currently have the two top goalscorers in the league and regularly demolish teams.
  6. Started up a save with Shrewsbury Town and so far so good... Just over the halfway mark and we're sitting top of the table! Hopefully we can continue our push for promotion but it wasn't really on the cards this season so I'll take anything. Transfer wise there wasn't much activity in the summer Kazenga LuaLua, Freddie Woodman and Callum Burton came in on loan for the season. Then Gabby Agbonlahor was brought in on a free. I'm currently in the January transfer window and there's been more outs than ins. Lenell John-Lewis, Steve Arnold and Sam Jones all left for nothing to free u
  7. But the principles do work, it's all logical stuff when you think about it. If you copied Herne's "tactic" of course it may not work for you, it was setup for his team (hence why the title is "Developing my 4-1-2-3 DM Wide") and you're not playing as West Ham. Therefore you'll have different players, with different attributes and PPMs so they'll interpret the roles differently. If you do want some help perhaps upload a screenshot of your tactic so people can see where you're (potentially) going wrong?
  8. So this just happened in the first-round of the Coppa Italia... We definitely rode our luck at times but managed a 2-0 away win against our senior affiliate Napoli! In the 79th minute Napoli gifted us a penalty which was comfortably slotted away, and then in the 89th minute we won a free-kick which was headed in by our main man Erik Karlsson. But the even better news is we might actually have a decent shot of reaching the semi-finals after we were drawn at home against newly promoted Serie A side Perugia in the quarter-finals.
  9. Back again with the squad update for the upcoming season in Serie B with F.C. Südtirol. It's now one week before the summer transfer window closes and barring any major injuries I've managed get all the necessary signings in. We've managed to clear out a lot of the deadwood by releasing nine players including our "team leader" and captain from last season Filippo Liberati. As for transfers in, well I'll just show you... It's been a very productive window and as you can see we brought in the players that were needed to bolster the squad, all on free transfers or on loan as we're still
  10. Thanks man! Having looked at how the promotion playoffs work I am very happy to have gained automatic promotion. Essentially teams that have placed 5th to 10th from Groups A, B and C in Serie C enter in the first round. Then the 4th placed teams enter in the second round. The 3rd placed teams enter in the third round and finally the 2nd placed teams enter in the quarter finals. In the end it was Pordenone who finished second to us that actually went on to win the final of the playoffs and have been promoted as well. Agnaldo is set to be the main man in the heart of our defence. As for Mag
  11. So after seven seasons managing in Scotland I felt like starting a new long-term save. After looking at multiple clubs all over the world I finally decided on F.C. Südtirol who are based in the city of Bolzano in the north of Italy. A couple of things drew me towards Südtirol, the first being their facilities. They currently have both great training and youth facilities after the FCS Center (this video showcases the new facilities) was fully completed in 2018. Also I generally don't like starting in the top division of a country and since Südtirol currently compete in Serie C that all but ceme
  12. So I'm currently managing Tre Penne (an amateur club in San Marino) and I can ask the board to turn the club semi-professional. But before I do that I just want to know what sort of impact turning the club semi-professional will have. Would I see an increase in the clubs reputation at all? Is it a massive drain on finances (the clubs overall balance is £2.5m after a good run in the CL this season)? Also I know at semi-pro level you can offer part-time contracts and non-contracts but would I still be able to offer amateur contracts?
  13. Great write-up so far herne. I've always been a sucker for formations that utilize three at the back. I look forward to reading more. Also between you and your wife, I think it's safe to say we know who the true tactical mastermind is.
  14. It's a graphics pack that recently got released for FM16. Here's the link... http://www.fmscout.com/a-fm16-trophies-megapack.html
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