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    not much to say, 19 y.o fro glasgow, suppourts rangers

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    fitbaw manager freek:D
  1. would like to be able to play as a club and have a friendly with an national side or their youth squad ect. would like a piece of news regarding the champs leaugh uefa cup finals ect. sort out the confidance issue regarding the cups when you play a reserve side ect and the fans are mad when a player for the future doesnt get a game. would like to get to vote for a player of the year ect.
  2. weather a new patch will be comming out or weather we have to wait to fm10, anyone got any teams their looking forward to playing as yet? first of all il be glasgow rangers, always start a new game or new patch with them. man city, always had a soft spot for man city due to being a ricky hatton fan, hope they can attract a few big players in the close season. newcastle, generlly dont like them with a passion, but think it would be a good challenge to get them promoted, especially as i think their will be a mass exodus this summer.
  3. 'X Player' is now a british citizen

    never noticed that, but as a rangers (who won the laughe today, had to get that in) fan i can confirm he speaks very good english.
  4. either remove the over-confidence in players, or make their something to be able to sort it out
  5. how about opening up an acadamy abroad? the likes of man utd tapping into another countrys talent, example, open an academy in lyon? milan? amsterdam? places where they have a rich history of producing fine young players. in the acadamy they can learn to speak english ect
  6. Managing A Club's Youth Side

    personally i think this would be a terrific inclusion, especially for the guys who like to start unemployed or like myself, enjoy a good challenge and work my way up. for instance, starting off unemployed then getting a championship u-19's job, working on your man-management, recomending players to the first team manager. then the players you help get promoted could be favoured personell and could have a soft spot for you when you do break into full-time manage-ment. even if it means taking a full-time job a league or two under. would love to see this feature implemented.
  7. 9.3.0 fadiga

    no need to be all uptight about it, take a chill pill =]
  8. 9.3.0 fadiga

    i was only joking about him dying lol
  9. 9.3.0 fadiga

    he died, r.i.p fadiga
  10. not as much of a DOF, but i would like to see a bit more interaction from certain chairmans, for example, david murray telling walter smith to sell one of his top earners this january, or an extreamly ambitious promoted team having that bit extra where its survival or nothing, or a few versions back where at the begining i think it was chelsea, it would say that the chairman whats to raise the clubs profile and would make extra funds available.
  11. Confidence issue

    i understand what you mean, as in preseason i generally put out reserve and youth teams aswell and when i get beat the fans are dissapointed, surly they should unterstand its time to experiment in preseason
  12. New Staff Role - Sport Psychologist

    "Is there any actual major team that uses this practice?" aye mate, the warbury warriors
  13. FM08 or FM09??

    i believe this forthcomming patch with be the decider for me, think the whole steam/activation thing ect (i wont go into detail as their must be nearly a million threads on the matter) if the bugs,glitches and transfers ect are perfected, then i think it will be 09 for me, although i loved 08. but i will be one unhappy customer if its not sorted and im s0o scunnered that if its not to a great standard, il maybe put an end to my ties as a loyal custumer of si.
  14. only joking, it is lol my fm09 has worked fine on my laptop, but myy little bros didnt work on his computer due to the graphics card problem, i was wondering 9.01 i believe fixed that error, so will that be included in 9.03 aswell, can anyone confirm this?