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  1. Still happening occasionaly. Will work every 4th/5th attempt but is still quite annoying.
  2. Heh, and after posting this i've now managed to get to the start screen. Will post again if the problem persists.
  3. Hi there. Since the latest update i've not been able to play FM due to a crash dump during the loading screen when starting up FM. Any way to fix this?
  4. ffs SWP. Why pick him over Bentley if you're picking a bench warmer for RM. Bentley can actually pass the ball to a teammate
  5. thats exactly the thought that came into my head about 10 mins ago.
  6. I need a good 4-2-3-1 formation for liverpool With Gerrard, Joe Cole and hopefully Ozil behind Torres
  7. Thinking of making a Sign-up with a Created country(s) but aint done something like this for a while so could do with some advice please
  8. ok thanks i'll try it now
  9. everytime i open it, it comes up with an error report
  10. How about more interaction between relatives so in the relations section you'll have Fav Clubs, Fav Players and Relatives so in news reports like when you sign a player for example Man utd have Completed the Signing of Anton Ferdinand for £Xmillion Ferdinand whose brother Rio is currently Vice-captain at man u is said to be delighted at the oppurtunity to play alongside his brother
  11. Same here if you can find game that your in to then tell me please
  12. I cant find some of the players you suggested but have gone after most of the others My current signings are I could'nt get a parent club though And BTW im using the latest WeeGie update
  13. I'm gonna start an oxford game now so wish me luck also tips and advice on who to sign would be great
  14. Just Downloading it. If it works then you really are superman by the way if you have time when your finished this how about trying a great britain patch but anyways kutgw
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