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  1. I just posted screenshots of what I was talking about
  2. So I was playing as I was testing as some academy teams, I tested using Brazil start date of November 26th 2018 and also the USA start date of 2020... The Impact academy and i believe some USL teams are getting close to regular season like pre-season date and the rosters are still not showing up in the schedule tab but the calendar that you get that shows all of the month events such trials and such the games show up on there but not the schedule tab. I was wondering if it works for you which would mean that it is a conflicting with another database if not then is it a bug that is going on wi
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League1_Ontario#Reserve_division Will you be adding a Reserve League for the League1 Ontario? Also testing out League1 Ontario and my board wants me to finish top half of Legaue1 Ontario in 2019 but then 2020 they want me to win promotion to the Canadian Premier League and then 2021 + they want me to remain in the Canadian Premier League. I think that is a error
  4. Sam.. I started with a Brazil 2018 start date to prep for my MLS Academy as I am currently playing as them. I got to pre-season friendly games in February exactly at February 9th 2019 however my games do not show up in the schedule tab but they do on the calendar does the US schedule no get announced until near March when the league begins or is it something where i have to sim to 2020? Just tested a new save and started on January 6th 2020 and still no scheduled posted under the schedule tab... Ive checked NCAA, and academy both arent working not sure if it is a database or
  5. Yellow... I loaded your database however when i go to load the game it only shows the 7 teams at what point can we take over as Ottawa? Like ok if I auto sim 2019 which month can we select Ottawa from the drop down menu in CPL?
  6. so playing as Fort William. Does the club have a U18 or reserves after season one? I don't see anything on the lower left side and before i start my save file I was wondering so that I know if my club youth intake comes in if I have a reserves or U18 squad or not for them to develop on?
  7. just looking for a way top move Ottawa from USL to CPL? anyone know
  8. Question for the Canada side... Not sure if yellow or Uncle sam has this but the Concaaf thing between FC edmonton forge and valour is that in the same who ever has the better record i think it was in the spring?
  9. Uncle Sam how many games does a NCAA team play? each season. I know it says 9-10 games so some colleges play 7-9 conference games and then 9-10 non conference games then what about tournaments and such so generally like 20-25 games all together?
  10. playing as Montreal impact's academy lol one of my youth intake players is 5`0 97lbs lol.. Hes even smaller then Muggsy Bogues was in the NBA lol
  11. As for Tournaments and such i hope the ehm team can insert the World U17 Challenge and IIHF World U18 Championship
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