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  1. FM13 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    DON'T WORRY I've fixed, hadn't unticked use caching. I have followed all the instructions and I can't get the faces to show in FM13. I have the steam install, and have saved the file in c:\users\"my user name"\my documents\sports interactive\ football manager 2013\graphics\faces I downloaded the Version 5.0 full pack can someone explain why this isn't working? I have gone into the game any reloaded the skin but the faces that have been extracted do not show.
  2. games gone gold

    Where is the link to the new blog today?
  3. 3d problems

    This happened to me in the demo. I watched highlights of another match with key highlights set. My default match settings then became key highlights and what you explain occurred, I changed the setting back to extended highlights using the option at the bottom of the TV view screen, and it was fine again thereafter.
  4. saving games

    Please bear in mind you will need to re-install the game with the same patch that you were playing with prior to re-formating your computer, otherwise the save will not work.
  5. Start of the season bonuses

    This does have a bearing on the expectations of the board, and can lead to you getting the sack if you do not perform to the level you have set, i.e. if you set your bonus structure to high for league position, then the board will expect you to finish higher than if it was set to medium. I will, therefore, set this appropriately to where I expect to finish in the league with the squad I have and the finance provided for transfers!
  6. I am playing in Spanish 2nd Div as well and I have 6 Argentinian, 1 Brazilian and 1 Uruguayan in my squad, but the all have at least one other EU nationality in the personal tab. Are you sure this player hasn't got a second nationality - it won't show you this on the main profile page?
  7. Skin League Table font colour

    Thank you Michael, that is a shame. The BBC skin promotion places are really difficult to read because of it, and I wouldn't know how to begin to change the row colours. Never mind, either have to make do or use a different skin.
  8. Skin League Table font colour

    Hi All I want to change the font colour for the teams in the promotion, and play off positions in my skin. Can someone tell me which XML file I need to edit to change the colours in this screen?
  9. Do you have a physio. I had this problem because I didn't have a physio to send the players for treatment!
  10. Am I the only one that is pleased that the net "wibbles" when the ball hits the side netting, but is disappointed that there is no bulging when the ball hits the back of the net?
  11. FM2010 blog no.4 - match engine videos!

    My first impressions are that the ME looks far more fluid than FM09, and I am a fan of 3D on FM09. The other major difference appeared to me to be the heading graphic. The players seem to jump more realistically and really flex their head as you would expect in these videos which hasn't been so apparent in the FM09 graphics. My only concern is that the camera angles seem to have moved further away from the action (I assume to show the stadiums!) rather tha zooming in more, which was what I would have prefered, so you can see what is happening closer, so as to determine where your tactics are going wrong, or where a player isn't closing down enough etc. However I feel the graphics are a definite improvement. I will be interested to know what view panels will be available this time, as I feel that was one of the best improvements with FM09.
  12. 50% Tax!!

    Yes it does, the explanation given to you was correct, you only pay the higher tax rate for any income over the upper limits, so if someone earned £200,000, then they would pay 50% on £50,000, being the amount between £150,000.01 and £200,000, the other earnings are taxed at the 10%, 20% and 40% rates.
  13. How is this so, I have updated my game but the German national team is still full of grey players over a season later?
  14. Default club logos

    Thank you ahmufcwafc
  15. Default club logos

    What if I use Steam?