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  1. Hey guys, Sexual innuendos aside - i need a helping hand. I started a YouTube channel couple weeks back as a bit of fun with my Rangers save. However, i'm starting to take it more seriously now but see trying to get views on the Tubes as a new channel nowadays is ridiculous. My main channel - which is for other purposes - never had this problem and grew pretty quickly. I know YouTube has been hit hard this year for various reasons and are keen to promote their long term 'clean' content but surely with proper tags videos should pop up in the new section. Well, my video will show up in a football manager search when i'm logged in with my FM channel. However, it's not even there when i search logged out or with my other channel. Very naughty YT. So, i'm here to plug my channel. It would be much appreciated if you could have a wee gander and take it from there. Cynical Edge channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCczPbLX1I6TjjmGTJb-qBYQ Cheers all. Take it easy!
  2. Ah right OK. Bit silly of SI. Thanks for the reply mate! Top man.
  3. Hi all, Hope all is swell in the community! Wondering if anyone can help me - How can you keep all players name above their heads again? I can't remember how i did it in 17. Any help is much appreciated. Peace!
  4. Football Manager 2018 play through with Rangers. Season 1. Episode 4. https://t.co/auFkzgH7bU

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