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  1. They hadn't improved much at all in 6 months, no noticeable improvement anyway. When they did play they didn't play that well (most average rating about 6.50 something) and they are inferior to my first team players not only stats wise but performance wise as well and were clearly brought in to back up or come in via rotation for my first team regulars. I can't believe a young player who signs as a back up, gets a few starts in lower ranked competitions and a few substitute appearances in higher ranked competitions in 6 months all of a sudden thinks their career is stagnating. For me it is an issue that is out of sync with reality and how I think the game should flow. 1 or 2 players randomly behaving in that manner I could accept as one of them things but for me it hasn't been the case. As I mentioned before never happened in lower leagues when my stats were poorer but obviously I did have a smaller squad so might explain it. Anyway, just my experience of this games implementation of this type of feature so hope it improves for 2016 or SI actually give guidance to players a bit more as to why these scenarios are happening (if they intend them to and have coded the game to react in this way). Thanks for all the comments.
  2. Most of them were signed 6 months or so ago before they start their whining, they are signed as back up or rotation and my team without them is massively overachieving. Therefore I can't believe that SI would have coded the game in the above type of way as it doesn't make sense, if they had been with me 1-2 years, my team was underperforming, they had played well when given a chance, etc. then maybe I can stomach the above explanation. However that isn't the case so I do feel the game is unbalanced in this aspect.
  3. My mental stats are all in double figures (not at home to quote them verbatim) and range from 11 -14. The issue is that before the players come to me with their whines all morale in the squad, including them, is in the green. I have a squad of 23 which is relatively mixed age wise but more on the younger side for most positions as I always look to youth and build a first team squad via that avenue but there is a relative mix. None of my first team regulars are complaining (as they play most games as I would expect) but a lot of the back up and rotation players are moaning even though they are played roughly in line with what I perceive back up and rotation would mean. The back up and rotation players are mainly young (ish) and most of them are relatively new to my squad but I feel I have to every season replenish my back up and rotation players as most of them just moan when they feel they aren't getting enough game time. If I do then play them more regularly my results may slip or my first team regulars will be unhappy!! Weirdly sometimes after a few months of not playing them any more regular I then get a news item saying they are now happy with their playing time and no longer want to leave!!! I never had these issues lower down the leagues but in the EPL it has been a massive issue, it is manageable but just frustrating and for me is potentially out of kilter.
  4. It may do but my reputation is National and my attributes are quite good and have gone up quite a bit over the last couple of years as in 4 seasons I won 2 promotions with Portsmouth, 1 promotion with QPR, and then finished 3rd in the EPL and qualified for the CL. Therefore I don't think my players could be affected by the above, weirdly I now have another player doing the same thing, he is a back-up, played about 3 starts this season (I'm in January) and 10 sub appearances, not joined that long ago (6 months ish) and now wants to be let go as he isn't getting enough playing time!!! My only thoughts could be that I don't have an U21 team and I wonder if I played them in the U21's if this would stop the complaining from the majority as I wonder if they game thinks that by giving them at least some game time even if for the U21's it would somehow affect the situation I am finding. Would be good if SI could comment on this.
  5. I've also had players back down but in my save I'm QPR, a player joined me on a free on low wages as a back up. Our aim was mid-table (after promotion from the Championship) and we finished 3rd and the team well overachieved without this back up player in the team. He only recently joined and in my opinion had a decent amount of chances albeit mainly from the bench to justify the back up tag and the fact that my first team regulars were well over performing. If the above was a once in a blue moon occurrence I could accept it but so many players seem to do the same thing that I feel somewhere in the code there is a flaw. The players that have caused the issues have all been different and had different personalities so I can't see any constant thread allowing me to work out why. Some of them will back down especially when we are doing well in the league but it still doesn't explain when they clearly know and have been told what their squad status is and are roughly played in line with that why they seem to consistently moan as it seems as if they should be one step up on the squad chain, i.e. back ups seem to think like squad rotation members, squad rotation members like first team regulars, etc. Maybe its my perception of what each of these means but using general common sense I don't think I am expecting too much different from a player compared to the squad status they have been allocated. I just feel for me managing lower league with a squad of 14-16 or so many of them loans the issue didn't crop up but managing a EPL squad of 24-25 players it really has been a marked difference. I personally feel that this aspect isn't 100% right and could do with tinkering for 2016 as I appreciate certain instances when squad or back up players may be unhappy, i.e. been at the club a few years and don't feel they are progressing, given a squad status that isn't being adhered to, team is performing poorly and still they aren't being tried out, etc. But back up and rotation players that are being used in that manner constantly stating they are unhappy is a bit of a pain in my opinion and not a positive experience for the gamer or that realistic compared to real life.
  6. This has been mentioned previously but thought I would add my own experiences as normally I play lower league and not really had any issues but since managing in the English Premier League I have quite a few problems with this. The issue is when players are unhappy with not playing regularly enough even though their squad status may be rotation or back up. Some brief examples, I brought a striker in July as a back up squad member, by February he was moaning that he should be playing more games (he had played all cup games albeit only 3 appearances, and had 10 substitute appearances for the first team and 2 starts). I have then had numerous squad rotation players who start nearly all cup games and get many substitute appearances for the first team in the league and Europe and some starts when injuries/suspensions/tiredness kicks into the first team regulars all complaining about a lack of game time. However the amount of times I am having players unhappy with their playing time seems over the top, I'm QPR and last season finished 3rd in the EPL and am in the Champions League. I give appearances to what I feel is in line with their status, i.e. squad rotation, back up, etc. Yet they always seem to moan, to the point when most of them seem to be unhappy and want to leave and in the end I find that I have 11-14 first team regulars who are the only ones I can keep happy (unless bigger teams want them) and all other squad rotation or back up players I have to sell and replenish most seasons or keep them unhappy and they play rubbish. I feel that this is an aspect that SI need to look at, a lot of the above scenarios occur only a few months after buying a player too, I can understand a player being squad rotation or back up for a couple of seasons and then saying 'hey boss I'm 24 now and need more game time, if I can't get it here can I go on loan or get a move elsewhere'? But I can't understand someone signing a 4 or 5 year contract and within 4-5 months sometimes stating that they wanted more game time when I have played them roughly in line with what squad status they have. Just wanted to get that off my chest and hope SI consider this aspect of the game as I appreciate they want it as realistic as possible but I think in this regard they have gone a wee bit over the top.
  7. I think you have to look at it from a gamers perspective as well, the numerical attributes enable you to quite easily have a general idea of the player and their abilities. You can then, if you want, analyse their form over recent games or seasons, look at scout reports and the strengths/weaknesses the player is assessed as having, etc. I think an easy way to summarise a players abilities is vital in the game and the numerical attribute rating does this probably the best way I could think of and the other parts already in the game to better understand the players abilities is already there. My concern would be that going down the 'words' route would give us similar results like we have with press conferences and player interactions, most of that can be nonsensical at times.
  8. Not sure I agree with the changes proposed but what I would be interested in is how real life scouts make reports to managers. Not sure if SI have investigated that aspect or been given advice via a real life scout but it would be interesting if they marked a player out of 20 or 10, did they use certain attributes or just words, how comprehensive their reports are, etc. My thoughts would be more seeing how this is done in real life and working out whether this could be incorporated into the game so that the playability of it isn't diminished. My concerns with your ideas are that it could make a complex game even more complex, I think they need to consider any changes that would simplify things for the gamer but give them a tool that could accurately get the outcome you need, i.e. just how good is a player, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.
  9. As a test can you click on the actual club that you want to make the application with, then hover over the first drop down box which should be titled 'overview'. In the list that comes up there should be something titled 'view job offer' (as per Cougar2010's advice) and when you then click on that it should detail the objectives and expectations of the job and allow you to apply for it. Other than that I do what Hunt3r has described, on your left hand side of the screen there should be under 'Staff' a 'job security' page I think and that should list all the available jobs and under review/insecure/etc jobs. That way you can easily see what jobs are going or what jobs could be coming up then apply for them as per the above.
  10. Well after I left Portsmouth due to them only offering me £1.5k per week and then taking on Sammi 'I haven't got a clue but because I was a Captain I must be a good manager' Hyppia and giving him £2k per week I guess the last laugh is with me. I went to QPR (recently relegated from the EPL and who gave me £14k per week) who were in 10th (6 points from the play-offs) and took I them over in November. I finished 2nd and obviously won promotion and Portsmouth finished bottom and have been relegated back to L1. I know in real life there are some strange manager decisions but weirdly I left Portsmouth in much better financial footings than I took QPR over and although I would never have expected to be offered huge amounts as a manger wage by Portsmouth the way the game calculates what a manager should be offered does need consideration in my opinion. I know for some it's easy to ignore but for me and the way I play it in my mind having a club that you have turned around and is on a very good financial footing offer you such a measly wage and then appoint another manager on a higher wage who is a serial failure really needs looking into.
  11. Just a comment to be made about manager negotiations r/e a new contract that has happened a few times on FM15 and on previous versions that gets on my nerves. I'm Portsmouth manager in L2, they are 22nd and I take over on a 18 month contract and in my first season take them from 22nd to 7th and we win the play-off final. At the end of the season they try to renegotiate my £950 p.w. contract and offer £1.1k maximum p.w. which I reject as I would get more than that with a % increase for winning promotion. I then finish runners up in L1 the next season, so back to back promotions both times exceeding expectations, the board offer me a new contract at maximum £1.5k p.w. which would likely be one of the lowest Championship manager wages by a fair distance. I reject and eventually resign, finances are extremely good with a wage budget well under budget and a transfer fund of £7 million to be invested. A few of my staff are on more money than me and the players wages are around £2k-£4k for first team players before their bonuses for promotion. I was asking for approx. £2k - £2.5k p.w. Sammi Hyppia who has failed in every job he has had takes the managers position on £2k per week which they were never offering me after 2 successive promotions and a National reputation. The above to me doesn't make sense and it's not the only example on this version and others when contract negotiations as a manger are abysmal and in my opinion unlikely to happen in real life. Oh by the way.........................Ronny Deila has just taken over England in 2016.........................forget press conference, player morale, etc. Please focus on the basics SI!!!! (yes I know technically I could have accepted the contract and what does it matter what I earn but I like to play the game in my own mind as I would in real life).
  12. This thread for me goes back to a comment I made on another thread a while back, SI have got a big problem with realism and playability and simply cannot get the balance right (in my opinion). There is almost an obsession with making the game as 'life like' as possible, now obviously it is a simulation so that is important but what they seem to be failing to understand is that people play games to avoid real life and for entertainment not to make their lives more complex! I completely agree with the OP in many respects, for years my love of the game has waned and although tactically I don't have the issues of the OP I do find a lot of the 'add ons' in the game with morale, team talks, press conferences, player unhappiness, etc to be really tiresome. Yes they may happen in real life, but this isn't real life!!! I would really like SI to take a serious look at the 'gumpf' that is in the game and the fact that they consistently year on year say '1000 new features' yet not really thinking seriously about how these new features actually interfere with the game players happiness or playability is really frustrating from my perspective. Games do evolve and companies do as well and sometimes they do move away from their 'gamers' and customers but I actually think with the right structure and re-think SI could actually make the game accessible and enjoyable for all, they just need to take a step back and really decide what they want from the game.
  13. I agree with this, there does seem to be a huge amount of 'assumptions' on the defence of a range of flaws in the game that are given as per this thread when I really think it isn't even worth the tagline of 'clutching at straws', even the straws have left and all you've got left is fresh air. Obviously games will have flaws and bugs and best you can do is report them to SI and then they'll incorporate them hopefully into FM16 (and so the process begins again). However assuming that an agent or a player is actually 'thinking' something but simply not 'verbalising it' in a manner that makes sense is a heck of a jump. The player interaction is broken in places in my opinion and defending it won't get it fixed. Constructive criticism and reporting it will.
  14. It's been a regular occurrence the last few years, there is definitely something wrong with the way the code of the game calculates how a manager gets sacked, recently Mourinho finished 3rd in the EPL got sacked and 2 weeks later had the CL final in one of my saves. Very unlikely to happen in real life and in my opinion the code in some way needs to change so it doesn't focus so much on the league position if other competitions are still ongoing in the latter stages and then it should assess for sackings after to keep the realism of the game somewhere near normal.
  15. I always used to watch the games via 3D and 'extended'....................however I just don't have the time for that anymore as most matches take about 20 minutes or so. Due to that I'm now thinking about just commentary and only watching via 3D for 'key games'. It takes me at least a month to do a season via the way I watch it in 3D so gonna try commentary for a bit.
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