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  1. Thanks again for your reply. I understand your point. Well, I guess it is probably better to find a balance between 15.21 and 15.3. Or, we just have to get used to the new match engine. Outside the topic, sometimes I just wish SI can have a bit more consistent match engine, rather than drastic modification. Every year, the match engine seems to be quite stable and welcomed at version XX.31, and next year, a new match engine XX.01 will have a bad start again until it reaches XX.31. It feels like a loop, I love this game and hope to see a continuous improvement of the match engine. I do not like loops.
  2. I do not agree that the behavior in 15.21 is unrealistic. But you made a point. I agree that if a striker comes too deep in defence, they cannot post any threats during counter attack. But what if I can accept this result, what if my tactics give up counter attack opportunities to provide a solid 11-players defending. I think that's the whole point of "very fluid" football style: the entire team attack and defend as one unit. I guess the key difference between us is the definition of "defensive forward", either he should come deep to his own defensive third. My opinion is: supporting and defensive forwards should come back with the right team shape and mentality. Right now, the problem is that supporting and defensive forwards always behave like "very structured". This is why many "very fluid" people complain.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I agree with you that it is difficult for the SI team to satisfy everyone's need. The reason most people complained in this post is the "change" between 15.21 and 15.3, I guess the key question is: If forwards can come back and help defending in 15.21, why not in 15.3? I think having "deep defending forward" is not so-called nontraditional. Before Atletico, The Dutch people started their "very fluid" football in 70s. In any match engines before 15.3 (even in FM14), I can get my supporting forwards come back in defense by using "very fluid + balance", I thought that's the whole point of "very fluid": the team attacks and defends as one unit. Right now in 15.3, "very fluid" feels more like "very structured". For these people who want the forwards to help defence, here is a small tip: having your forward mark a specific midfielder, that way they can man mark one opponent and share the defensive load of your team.
  4. I agree with you. I feel they should come back deeper, have a better link with other teammates. Of course this requirements will sacrifice counter-attack opportunities, this I can accept.
  5. Actually, I found DF(S/D) do not involve themselves enough in the defense work. Before the 15.3 patch, DF will drop deep and constantly hassle opponents' MC and AMC, They act like a MC or AMCs in defense. After the patch 15.3, DF will not hassle opponents at their half, rarely come back to provide help in front of his MC teammate. So there is always a gap between Forward-midfielder. I am using "very fluid" and "balance". I do prefer the defensive behaviors of forwards before 15.3 patch. In real football, for example, Atletico has 2 forwards drop back very deep to compress the space during defence, of course, they have to sacrifice some counter-attack opportunities by doing so.
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