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  1. Aww man. gutted for you mate. I had this happen in a really successful game and it killed it knowing i'd never with the Copa Libertadores.
  2. So, everybody started winning stuff in the last day or so! Well done guys! Really impressive Vikeologist for going unbeaten and winning everything, especially the ACL with a Chinese team! Super Gord Well done on the African CL buddy that's a big one out of the way and better jobs are now on the way surely!
  3. Yesssssir! The pic was at least 90% of the reason bud! They're in great shape. Millions in the bank only a 65k loan outstanding and I just sold a player for 18 Million giving me a £27 Million transfer kitty! Biggest I've had in any FM15 game so far!
  4. ArBee23 - 2018/19 Review Preview After last seasons FA Cup win I wanted the league and Champions League, It was going to be tough as my squad wasn't fantastic but it was good enough with just a few additions. League I knew it would be a challenge with Seoul being the main threat to my title hopes. I had some great runs then I had some shocking runs where I was drawing and losing games but I did Jeju proud, Although not winning the league I finished 2nd losing the league on goal difference to Seoul! Now that's a heart wrenching way to miss out on a title! I was 3 points clear at the top with 7 games to go and my players seemed to lose focus resulting in a dismal end to the season where I had 1 loss and 4 draws and 2 wins. Terrible form. I was also asked to manage the K League Classic All Star Team against the K League Challenge All Star Team which I did and won the game comfortably. League Table FA Cup The competition I won last year, I didn't disappoint this year too, I had a fairly easy run in with Suwon my hardest game. I managed to beat them and then beat Pohang in the final to retain the FA Cup. Asian Champions League Having qualified by winning last years FA Cup, being Korean my team are automatically one of the favourites for the tournament. My fixtures were more challenging than I envisaged but I still managed to win the Asian Champions league thanks to away goals against Al Sadd. ACL Fixtures Club World Championship By winning the ACL you qualify for the CWC, 3 days after the league finishes! I was just happy to be there and I drew Monterrey in the Quarter Final which I duly lost 3-0. I then played in a 5th place playoff against Wydad Casablanca who I beat 4-0 to solidify my 5th place finish in the Club World Championship. I can't be too upset anything more would have been unrealistic. Next Steps Having won the ACL, I didn't see the point in hanging around so I quit Jeju and applied for the job at Santos in Brazil, expecting to still be laughed at despite my ACL win. So when THIS came back I was shocked. They approached me a few days later and I snatched their hand off!
  5. Some awesome updates here! Vikeologist - Good effort with Egypt, gotta be hard in the world cup with an African side but a bigger shame that they sacked you. Totally unrealistic, what did they expect?! I think you could do a good job with USA, the Gold Cup is well within reach and doing something special in the World Cup, maybe a QF/SF is attainable. Burtur- - Congrats on the Copa Centroamericana, I think you've probably done as much as you realistically can expect there. Your achievements with Metz are fantastic, to get 2nd place is a great feat! PSG are always going to be tough to overcome so 2nd is impressive with the likes of Monaco, Marseille and Lyon in the division. I think getting out of that Champions League group was nothing short of amazing too! Chelsea and Dortmund is a TOUGH draw! Super Gord - Congratulations on the South African Premiership win, It's a really hard division to win (If you remember I said you could do it with Ajax ) Gutted about the injuries that seem to have cost you the ACL! You're doing really well with Jamaica too, winning some silverware is always nice and an impressive performance in the Gold Cup too. I have an update coming later on today. It's good
  6. Me too haha Burtur congrats on the CL qualification, impressive but a huge shame you got no money from the board. Hopefully just getting into the CL groups will give you a rep boost and get you a job elsewhere
  7. Sorry I have a short update. After my season with Jomo in the premiership I resigned and struggled to get another position. I joined Swallows but quit after 2 weeks as I didn't really want to be there. I then took the job at the team bottom of the K League Classic Jeju. I managed to avoid relegation and finish 9th but most importantly I won the FA Cup granting me access to next seasons ACL! The league season was random, hit and miss getting two wins losing two and was quite a challenge but I was unstoppable in the cup and beat Ulsan on penalties after a 1-1 draw. I'll be back at the end of next season with a proper season review of that one.
  8. There's the AFC Cup (Europa League) and the AFC Champions League (Champions League) for clubs. Congratulations on your cup/league double, great achievement! Super Gord- Well done on winning the league, I didn't think it was possible outside Kaiser Chiefs and Orlando Pirates!
  9. Yes, I've enjoyed it but think as soon as a decent job comes up i'm off. although the premier league season is now over and only one top flight job has come up and they laughed at me (Kaiser Chiefs)
  10. Haha Love it. Welllll the South African Premiership is hard!!!!
  11. ArBe23 - Ultimate Challenge Profile I started Unemployed with Sunday League Reputation , I loaded South Africa & Brazil (Due to previous issues) After applying for every job I was approached by Jomo Cosmos - 2014/15 During the season my team was taken over but sadly nothing really changed except I became untouchable in board confidence, I gained nothing financially sadly. Squad The squad was OK but I decided on a few reinforcements/additions of better quality. I added Dennis Masina, Mxollsi Mayongo, Bevan Fransch, Boltumelo Mafoko in Summer and signed Tsepho Ramokala and Papa Gaoussou League The team was decent but there were some challenges ahead, I started with a win but had draws and losses throughout. It was a really tough season but once my players got going they really strung together some great results. Fixtures 1 , and Fixtures 2 including great results against main rivals for the title Santos FC and Royal Eagles as well as incredible goal fests against, Wittbank Spurs, Black Leopards and Cape Town All Stars. I managed to win the League comfortably in the end but there were moments in the season I though I would fall especially when I kept drawing. I was thrilled to gain promotion and win the league. Great Prize Hmm lol Cup My cup run was short lived I beat Maluti FET 3-0 in the preliminary round and then went out to Swallows 3-0 in a poor showing against the South African Premiership opponent in the FIRST round. Star Players Star Striker - Peter Chukwudl Midfielder - Matsilele Sono Midfielder - Bamuza Sono Overview A fantastic season overall with some players really impressing me, I really didn't expect to win the league I was hoping for the playoffs but really exceeded those expectations. I'm now considering that I may need to resign as I don't think Jomo will be anywhere near able to compete in the premiership. I will have to see what happens
  12. SuperGord - Are Ajax CT at all affiliated with Ajax? By that I mean are you able to take advantage of their amazing youth system and get a couple of loanees to help? Vikeologist - I don't know, I think the save I had was one of those special saves where things go your way. I've never had a save that good so can't see me replicating it haha. Burtur - I hope you haven't fallen foul to the same bug as me pal. Good Luck
  13. I'm not leaving bud, I'm hoping to get a game started tonight. I was into 2022 and won a lot of trophies so yeah gutted but hey if I can do it once I can do it again! I just checked through the thread and haven't seen any objections to FMC so I will be running FMC as it's much faster and better for me. South Africa looks tough but I like your attitude buddy
  14. Already deleted in anger. I'll be back. Great group of people and I'll be reading with interest. There's no objection to playing FM Classic for this challenge is there? I wanted to check before I go again
  15. Sadly I haven't kept a save from that far back being in 2021. Think I'm just going to have to start again. I wish my computer could handle loading lots of leagues to avoid this but it's a crappy laptop and would die with more than 5 nations! I started on 22 Feb 2015. Game Version 585343 To clarify, with the latest update if I start a new game I have to have Brazil loaded before 2017? Or is it a non issue now?
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