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  1. It varies a lot. Also for Gomes. He has played as an IF, AM and CM. I have mostly played a 4-4-1-1 or 4-3-3 with high pressure. For games against smaller teams or nearly every home game, I go very attacking with this tactic:
  2. Time to show some bits from my save with United after six seasons. I have just won my fourth Premier League (2019, 2020, 2021, 2024) - Liverpool were outstanding in the last two seasons with 101 points in each. So it was nice to win back the championship unbeaten and with 128 goals for and only 20 against. Look at Pogba. 37 goals, new record! He scored 43 goals in all competitions and was by far my top scorer. Rashford (22), Chong (21), Greenwood (21) were next on the list. I have won the Champions League four times (2020, 2021, 2023, 2024) but I am not much worth in the domestic cups with only one FA Cup and two League Cups. For me playing with United is about making most of the young talents. This year it is Angel Gomes, Tahith Chong, James Garner, Mason Greenwood and Ethan Laird. Anyway, that is the five players who has became first team players for me. Some of them are key players now. Gomes is fantastic with his versatility in the attacking positions. Excellent player for me. Laird is a great backup on the full back positions but not more than that. Had hoped for better development in the mental attributes. I am loving Garner as a new Carrick. Using him a lot as half-back. First team player. The best of them all. Fantastisk development. One of the best players in the world right now. "Elite winger". Had hoped for a bit better development but with 91 goals the last four season I am satisfied! My whole squad looks like this:
  3. After a disappointing first season, my second was a lot better with three trophies and a lost CL final:
  4. Nearly halfway through my sixth season at United and I am close to having a squad containing only players from Greater Manchester. I have survived selling profiles like Anthony Martial, Paul Pogba, Eric Bailly and Henrikh Mkhitaryan without replacing them with nearly as good players. Now I need to take the last step and sell Luke Shaw, David De Gea, Ander Herrera, Phil Jones and Daley Blind. I need the last three as tutors for my young Manchester players while Shaw and De Gea are difficult to replace. I have no left back coming up, so maybe I should go for a three man defence. Rashford are obviously the star with 156 goals for me and Callum Gribbin is beginning to be a star as well.
  5. Lovely Lingard with a stunning season! 16 goals, 16 assists!
  6. Manchester United 15/16 End of season update PREMIER LEAGUE - FA CUP - CHAMPIONS LEAGUE So close to a treble. I won the FA Cup, lost the Champions League final and ended second in the Premier League missing the title on goal difference. If I just had not lost 3-2 to Stoke in the 35th round after leading 2-0 or just won at home against Crystal Palace in the 36th round the title would have been mine. Josh Harrop was 20 minutes away from being match winner in the Champions League. We could not hold on to our 1-0 lead and Bayern scored three goals in the last 20 minutes. But overall I am very satisfied with our performances. Playing for a treble was fantastic. TRANSFERS Tom Ince won't become a big player for me but he is okay as a backup as left midfielder where Welbeck (and sometimes Mitchell) plays. Michael Keane is a very good defender så he was a obvious signing. Especially after Evans and Smalling left. Of course, I looked through Man City's new young players and I found three from my county who was good enough to be signed. Reece Hill is the one with the biggest potential. I don't have any high expectations of the other two. It does not look like Ryan Nyambe has got what it takes unfortunately. COUNTY PLAYERS /// ZACH CLOUGH - JOSH HARROP - JOSH BROWNHILL 10 players had at least 15 appearances which is satisfying. Zach Clough has developed into a fantastic forward. An absolute key player for me. 38 goals from him is stunning. Josh Harrop did great with 15 assists. Jagielka, Welbeck and Trippier are first teamers and they are doing very fine. Josh Brownhill has developed into a wonderkid. I was gutted when he broke his leg. Hopefully he will come back fine. I am beginning to lose hope in Ben Pearson which mean I begin to need central midfielders from my county. Brownhill is the only one right now I can be sure of. YOUTH INTAKE DANIEL WILSON (SALFORD) - KEITH COLLIN (BOLTON) - CRAIG HUNTER (MANCHESTER) - KEVIN MURRAY (STOCKPORT) Fine intake. Kevin Murray is the biggest talent, given 4 stars in potential.
  7. Manchester United 14/15 End of season update LEAGUE TABLE - TRANSFERS - COUNTY PLAYERS We started well with seven wins in our first nine games but it was up and down from there. I was disappointed with our final games where we lost against Hull and Burnley. We did only win two of our last seven games and we were title contenders for most of the season. My goal was to end in top four without getting the sack so I am satisfied. As long as I don't get sacked I am satisfied. At least while my young players mature. No succes in the cups. Zach Clough did excellent and was my topscorer with 17 goals. Josh Harrop impressed in the first half of the season. His highlight was a goal against Arsenal. Tyler Blackett did a decent job in defence when given the chance. Overall I was satisfied with the amount of game time I could give my young players. And, as you can see, Danny Welbeck is back! YOUTH INTAKE PHIL WOOD (ROCHDALE) - BERNARD BRENNAN (STOCKPORT) - ALEC KELLY (MANCHESTER) I had a great youth intake. I got a player who is one of the best of his generation... but he is from Liverpool. I got Phil Wood who has fantastic potential. I do not have the highest hopes of Brennan and Kelly. We will see how they turn out.
  8. He looks promising! Not for now. I am playing with one striker which often will be Clough and in important games van Persie, while Rashford also has to get some minutes. But I won't rule out a signing of Rhodes.
  9. As I said, I was too tempted - so I have started a game with United. First signings: Jagielka and Trippier are of course must buys when you manage Manchester United in this challenge. I bought Osman mostly because he is a great tutor and I think the squad lacks tutors. Excited to follow Barker, Plummer and Brownhill's development, while I think Clough will be a hit. Tom Ince will arrive after the season. That leaves me with the following players from Greater Manchester in my squad: Phil Jagielka Tyler Blackett Tom Thorpe Ellis Plummer Leon Osman Josh Brownhill Ben Pearson Brandon Barker Josh Harrop Demetri Mitchell Marcus Rashford Zach Clough I am all in on Rashford and Mitchell to be first team players in the future. Mitchell has been fantastic for me in previous saves and Rashford has the potential too. I have played my first game in the Premier League: Palace had a man sent off after 28 minutes and didn't make it difficult for me but I was pleased to see Clough get two goals and Osman a goal and an assist. With a 3-0 lead at the break and 11 against 10 I had the chance to bring on some of my local youngsters. Mitchell, Brownhill and Pearson were my subs which meant that I had eight players from Greater Manchester playing in my first game. It won't be so easy in the future but it is a fine start.
  10. This is excellent. Really tempted to give Manchester United a go. I often play with United where I keep it national but this really takes it to the next level and motivates me. Looking forward to follow your game, mikenevo.
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