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  1. Howdy again. Had a small summer break but I'm back with a few more people to work with. I've looked at a couple of databases from fmscout, and they both seem to be just taking the literal place of La Liga or Premier League, deleting parts of it's history and then making new rules for the league. Does that seem right to you, or anyone?
  2. Thanks for your help. I'll study some of the fantasy databases and see if I like doing that, but in the meanwhile, I should clarify what was my struggle with this. The champion was always named correctly and it didn't change with your suggested changes. Here's what happens on May 10th, after the two-legged final was played. That all seems correct, but the problem lies with this. This is just the regular League Profile screen, I'm sure you're familiar. It doesn't generate a past winners list on the right-hand side (it used to before I added the Play-off), nor does it print Holders - Brooklyn Bullets below the league name (also used to happen). It did start printing out the league honors in the personal Milestones page, but that's almost secondary. We're hopefully working a lot with screenshots and the deleted competitions and their reputation listing taking over the Past Winners column is pretty bland.
  3. Will an attached fmf do? Here's the latest. ISPL v0.030.fmf
  4. Hello, me and a few friends are in the process of creating a player simulation league, something like a mycareer where you can follow your players' development throughout a career and make decisions for yourself. I've been working on a simple enough league format, French top flight, 4 teams, 4 rounds and then a Championship Playoff Final. It all works pretty nice, the Final winners are crowned the champions. But they don't show up as the league holders nor does the league generate a Past Winners page. Also, winning the league does not count as a milestone for a player, in their History page. This is what I'd like some help with, first of all. Second, I would like to create the database to run as smoothly as possible, so that players would be almost ensured to reach their Potential Ability during their career. Obviously, there is bound to be some In-Game Editor help for some players, but in principle, what steps would some of you veterans take for this to be almost guaranteed? Third, as I mentioned, the League takes over the French top Flight. Clubs currently in the league are created to be located in USA, Denmark and Austria. The players always seem to gain national eligibility to France, even if I took preliminary precautions with France's eligibility rules. How could I try and prevent this, to make sure the players play for their set National Teams? Thanks for taking a moment of your time, and I'll be sure to come back with more questions if they arise.
  5. They maybe have problems regarding the Squad Registration, which I added. I can try running a test without Squad Registration rules, only matchday rules.
  6. As the Finnish Premier League is fantastically realistic, I haven't changed nearly anything concerning it. I have not changed any club ownerships or income or budgets directly to the top division teams. Only things about Money I have changed is the reward money structure in the Domestic Cup, and an Initial TV Money grant of 55k£ in the beginning of the season. Also a correction on my previous post, they all seem to leave 5 to 7 days before the first league game.
  7. Yeah, this happens only if I load my own fmf file. It always happens regardless of the start date (late pre-season, early pre-season etc.), regardless of being employed or unemployed. I haven't tried as a manager of a top division club myself. I looked further into it and noticed it also happens between 5 and 7 days after the game start date. When I use the standard database (19.1) things roll on like usual. Where in my editor data could be the trigger?
  8. Hey, I've been constructing a lower leagues expansion to Finland's nation rules, and I've run into an issue. At the start of the game, AI controlled top division clubs fire all their staff. Manager history for clubs says "REASON LEFT: Left manager role", and there are no staff to take over the position of manager, as they have also mysteriously left or been fired. I would guess no one is responsible for hiring a new manager or other staff either. This would explain them not staffing themselves again after this exodus. I have went through forum search and google search and looked around the editor to find an explanation, but haven't been able to. Would anyone be able to help? Also, if this forum is the wrong forum to ask this question, feel free to move this thread elsewhere.
  9. I yet didn't do it but actually I think it would work. After the new patch if you try to save new tactics to a directory it shows up as blank, there are no tactics stored to the "workshop" from the previous patches in-game. I'll see if it works and thanks a bunch!
  10. I use a three rolling autosave on weekly setting. Every save I play after a few weeks it's backup'd and next autosave it says "can't be saved". I've tried several destinations including cloud saving, but it still happens. I've cleared the cache, uninstalled and re-installed the game, cleared the cache again and it's still acting up. Why is this happening right after the patch?
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