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  1. my second season using this version and the tactic absolutely rocks. I go a full season with like 1 defeat (including cup and champions league) mind you I have world class players at Arsenal and I have taken 4 seasons to mold lots of my players and youngsters to fit this tactic
  2. right players really do make a difference. It is best if you take youngsters and you train them to fit this tactic. Once they slot in, your team is unbeatable.
  3. so finally this tactic is working well. i finished one full season with just 3 losses, won the league, league cup and FA cup easily. The only shocking result was my second leg quarter final champions league versus Atletico Madrid. I won the first leg 2-0 (missed a penalty too) and lost the return 6-3 and got knocked out! The only minor issue with this tactic (if it can even be considered an issue) is that I score way too many goals from corners. Corner is taken short, my winger crosses it nicely to my central defender in the 6 yard box or passes it to my Box to Box Midfielder and he buries it.
  4. i am using Paul Pogba as DLP and Ramsey (who is fully matured and world class in my save) as Box to Box Midfidler but somehow they do not get high ratings and are underperforming. They were superb in 15.2 tactic when both were used as BWM.
  5. this is not working as good as it did in 15.2 i do get some big wins against big teams but every 4-5 matches i screw up versus weaker opponents.
  6. I am also here to say that this is probably one of the best tactics on any FM game ever. Just stick to the tactic, don't make any changes. Try to train your young players to fit into the various roles like Wide Midfielder and Ball Winning Midfielder. Try to also mold your current star players to fit this tactic even if it takes some time for them to adjust. Train attacking movement and team cohesion and you will win almost 90% of the matches.
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