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  1. jesus, 3 months without being able to play the game normally. shouldnt release a game that doesnt work as it should
  2. is every player i scout thats foreign. only foreign players i can get are from english clubs. every single player i scout is work permit unlikely, every single foreign player.
  3. said timeout when loading via cloud have done again, can you see it now? did put on previously
  4. yes brexit has taken place, in year 2025 but its literally every foreign player have spoke to people about it and they say its a bug. will do now. thanks
  5. hi rob now have i cant buy any foreign player as every scout says work permit unlikely, have been told this is a bug also. could you have a check please. thanks
  6. hi rob, really thats well strange, all players i cant interact with any. yes flanagan gone now but has been with every player in my team since the start. know why this is? :\
  7. is at anytime except weekly training report day. lots of bugs since i bought it
  8. have just uploaded my save via the si cloud service, andy blair rangers fm is the name of it loads of long term injuries aswell a lot of bugs.
  9. Is on my rangers save have tried with all different saves, same issue, very frustrating, lots of bugs, says my u18s finished in 2nd they didn't they win the u18 elite league, and says first team in 1st place we aren't we are in 2nd, but biggest issue is no interaction at all only on training weekly report day!
  10. Can't interact with players like on 18 what's the point of having interaction? Anyone know what's going on have posted on lots of FM pages no one knows why, need answers please.
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