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  1. England National Team Coaching Staff Senior Team Manager - Gareth Southgate Assistant Manager - Steve Holland (needs Chelsea contact to expire 30/6/17 & will leave after current spell ticked) Goalkeeping Coach - Martyn Margetson Fitness Coach - Chris Neville U21 Team Manager - Adrian Boothroyd (promoted from u20's to u21's on 3rd Feb 2017) Assistant Manager - Colin Cooper (currently down as u21 coach) Coach - Aaron Danks Goalkeeping Coach - Martin Thomas U19 Team Proof - http://www.thefa.com/news/2016/Aug/29/keith-downing-netherlands-preview-310816 Manager - Keith Downing Assistant Manager - Mark Robson Coach - Lee Carsley Coach - Andy Edwards (2004020 joined from Leyton Orient 29/1/17) Goalkeeping Coach - Eric Steele (down as u21 gk coach on last database)
  2. There appears to be 2 Alan Shearer retired persons 1394631244 & 1394631753
  3. Should Allardyce's current reputation be decreased from 145, I think with what happened clubs won't be queuing up to sign him as quick, however with his current rep he will be given a job quite quickly.
  4. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    I don't think they did insert wage drops on relegation http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/04/03/newcastle-stare-at-wages-black-hole-as-relegation-looms/ http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/no-relegation-clauses-newcastle-united-10851167
  5. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    I don't think so its only 135 which is 4th highest in the squad
  6. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    That's not been added in by me, probably worth raising as a bug
  7. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    Have added this in, should appear in a future build
  8. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    FMTopFan - Harper doesnt have anything to do with the u18s though so thats would be technically incorrect to make him u18 gk coach (thats Chris Terpcou Could possibly add a preferred job role for Newcastle u18 goalkeeping coach
  9. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    Harper is coaching the kids 9-16 which are too young to FM, that is why he is set as a free agent, Dean felt he should be able to be signed on FM, I disagreed and he should be hidden from being able to be signed.
  10. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    Any idea what the fee is as not been able to find anything and need this to put it into the game
  11. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    Check you dont have a filter which excludes first team players (going off your screenshot below) otherwise its a bug as they are definetly there
  12. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    Tiote does shoot often from distance which is highly annoying as a) he is useless at it and b) its usually the SJP crowd who shout shooot when he gets the ball, lost count over the yesrs how many times he has put the ball miles over from shooting from distance I thought i did update Anita to RB to 17 over the summer but will need to open the files to check sometime
  13. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    I need a bit more info as he is overrated is not really useful feedback. I would agree and have pointed this out but im not sure how to reflect the fact he seems to be struggling with life in the Championship. His adaptability isnt particularly high and neither is his strength.
  14. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    Hmm thanks I did email that one in back in August no idea why it didn't get sorted, will chase it up
  15. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    Welcome to the Newcastle United data issues thread. Remember when posting to adhere to the guidelines posted above by Stephen. Please remember that any CA/PA or stats which were rated by the research teams are subjective and my opinion of a player may differ from yours (for example saying this player should be 1 point higher). you are free to use the editor to amend these at your pleasure should you feel this is incorrect. All players who ended the season at Newcastle were rated by myself Any players who were signed during the summer will have been rated by the previous club researcher (e.g. Atsu, Lazaar, Murphy, Yedlin, Diame, Clark, Hanley, Hayden, Findlay, Ben El-Mhanni, Gamez, Ritchie, Gayle & Selz) Any players who were on loan during the 2nd half of last season will have been rated by their loan club researcher (e.g. Thauvin, Ameobi, Pearson, Armstrong, Vuckic, Smith, Cameron, Satka, Gillesphey & Gillead) If you feel that there is a data issue please post it below using the criteria posted in the above post and I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks Michael Newcastle Researcher Known Issues None