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  1. Maybe like the Simpsons episode where he scores the winner when his leg comes off and puts he ball in
  2. He's back
  3. that moth landing on Ronaldo's face to rub it in
  4. Was waiting for someone else but nobody wants to do it so done. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/460340-Newcastle-United-Thread-2016-17 Can this one be closed now?
  5. Roy gone \o/
  6. Hodgson's tactics were awful but the players are to blame just as much, such a half arsed performance, any money they thought Iceland would be a walkover
  7. Roy sacked by 10pm please
  8. Why? They can go back to their clubs now and pick up 100k a week
  9. Why are we crossing when a) Our crossing is rubbish b) Iceland players are like 6ft 4
  10. Can we transfer Kane to Scotland please
  11. Kane, Rooney & Sterling have been awful
  12. Iceland playing very compact and are very disciplined, this is where England are rubbish as they cant break teams like this down
  13. Retire please Rooney
  14. Crossing not working against massive Iceland players, surely Roy has noticed?
  15. Would rather play Stevie Wonder than Raheem Sterling tbh