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  1. Hello there. Any word on this issue, where a player's Form tab isn't properly reflecting the ratings the he earns according to the match reports? Thanks.
  2. Okay - save file has been sent. Thanks,
  3. There seems to be a problem with the Form section of player profiles: players who I know played in a match are showing as not having played. Also, in many instances, a player’s rating is different than the rating in the match summary.
  4. Below average manager here; great game, though. A question about player attributes: Whose assessment are we seeing on a player profile? For example, one of my players has Passing=12 and Bravery=6. Is that what my scout is telling me, or are these numbers “real”? If it's my scout, and he’s only rated 10 at judging ability, will hiring a better scout immediately change the player’s Passing and Bravery attributes to something more accurate? I think the most realistic scenario would be for a player's attributes to gradually approach "actual" the longer I have him on my roster because I'm presumably watching him every day in training and getting a fuller picture. Thanks.
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