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  1. Options are always good. An option to use the instant result button would be good. I find it contradictory that there is no button in because you are the manager and it would be unrealistic, yet you can manage any club in the World. Narrowing the game options leads to less people playing the game.
  2. I have always loaned out if I could. I make the sure first that he will be a vital player for them, that way he will play every game. It's winning that really matters though so I try to get them at a club that I believe will have a successful season.
  3. I have set a philosophy of youngsters in the 1st team squad. Now last year when asked to find players that is exactly the type of footballer the DoF would go for. So why in FM19 does he suddenly only go for players aged 30+? In the real World I'd have sacked him for incompetence. Like this, the DoF is a complete waste of time.
  4. Everytime I'm dragging a player across the tactics screen to take set pieces the game instead places a Danish unemployed scout called Rene Henriksen! Anyone got a reason why or better still a solution?
  5. Two types of tactic with target men apart from the lump it to him to him tactic. 1 - Two wingers that can actually cross for the target man to head home or find another player. 2 - Target men playing wide so that when the cross comes in the TM is towering over the 5'2" full back.
  6. For me it's the SMSL give youth a chance career. No signing players just promoting from your youth ranks.
  7. Since CM2 all those years ago I have asked for more realistic crowd noise. A crowd of 230 does not sound the same as a crowd of 20,000 with the sound turned down a bit. Also still the stadiums do not have any... character. They are all very generic. No clock tower at one end of the ground or a fans musical instrument area. And most distressing of all there's is still NO STATUE of the club's greatest ever manager... ME!
  8. At the moment we can use fake players in a game. How about fake clubs. leagues, kits, colours and stadia too? Some ideas for random club needs: - London Whites, Manchester Citizens, Liverpool City or even Liverpool United?
  9. Going to give this area a miss again this season as I have done now for way too many seasons. Is it really necessary to spam the boards? Apologies if it sounds like a moaner but just look at it...
  10. So far I see a lot of time used up on the UI. Purple??? Really? To me at the moment it just looks like a data update. So far money stays in pocket
  11. Yes. I discovered this was exactly the problem late last night. I have simply removed the controller and everything is working correctly again. I had an xbox 360 controller plugged in. Everytime I wanted to save a keyboard would come up for me to type the save name. I thought it was just SI adding this to the game. So yes it was the standard black xbox 360 controller.
  12. I have a problem similar and it's happening because the game is not saving properly. Go to your save game's folder and check that it ends with ".fm" If it doesn't then rename it with ".fm".
  13. For some reason my FM18 now no longer saves the game as ".fm" I have to rename the file with ".fm" attached. Any solution???
  14. As the title says. Tried using the solution given by SI "troubleshooting compatibility" but to no avail. Windows 10 64 bit.
  15. I don't normally like paying for "mods" but in this case I it would be warranted. If only you could do the complete English Pyramid System too.
  16. Why do players think they have a right to sign players just because it's a great offer? You cannot have him, end of. Go buy someone else. If you think Harry Kane is the best striker in the World you're delusional.
  17. Ever since I led a non-league to the Premier League, Champions League and lots of other cup wins and was then replaced after 25 seasons just because a new board took over I have made myself unsackable. A little unethical but after putting sooooo much work into that save I won't let it happen again. If I'm going to be sacked I should be sacked because I'm crap.
  18. Yeah my lot keep complaining they have to get out of bed and want a stand in to do their training for them. Players have a tough life.
  19. I've always believed, and still do, that staff are very generic and no help whatsoever in the game. So I just assign it all over to the chairman or DoF.
  20. 15:48 Will Buckley has finished rehabilitating and returns to training. 15:49 Will Buckley injured. 3 weeks with strained knee ligaments! Really? Injured less than a minute after restarting training??? What did he do trip up on the doorstep of the changing room on his way in???
  21. It's just occurred to my game. I tried to manually save (it's been saving weekly with no problems) and it just froze with the OP's message,
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