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  1. 1 - I haven't seen anyone able to reproduce your results (yet). 2 - It's not the cost of the players bought it's the fact that all the tea in China wouldn't get them to Millwall (and your other sides). Also Millwall like other clubs would be lucky if they could sell just 1 player before the window as the market is always lukewarm in that 1st season let alone selling most of them.
  2. Another one. It's getting a bit silly now. I have no mods, it's completely vanilla. No straight reds but still 4 sent off and I lost count how many yellows were shown.
  3. My complaint is NOT that this happens, it is that it happens way too often. Not just in human games but AI games too. I'm not a spoilsport nor a poor player. I do this job in real life as well as play FM (every season since CM2). This result came off the back of an earlier game in which there were 51 shots with 26 on target, whilst the opposition had 3 shots at goal with none on target. The result? 1-3 !!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot remember any side in the real game losing 7 or 8 games in a season with ALL having 20+ more shots on target than the poorer side. Surely you must do some
  4. My 2nd choice keeper had a bright future ahead of him but would have about 4 seasons before replacing my current number 1. So after receiving a very good offer I begrudgingly let him leave. Then up pops my 1st choice keeper complaining about the transfer and it being a mistake to sell him. I told him I just couldn't give him the game time he wanted and so let him leave. Then my 1st choice keeper says I should have given my 2nd choice keeper the games he wanted, Really? So you want to drop to the reserves??? Now the World's stupidest goalkeeper is unhappy!
  5. I've also just signed a player and he is cup-tied for the league instead of the league cup. I'm managing Penrhyncoch (Welsh North) and signed this player from the North too. Reproduction may well be signing a player who played in round 1 to a club who had a bye into round 2? Can't find a way of removing the "cup - tied" in the ingame editor.
  6. It's come to that time of life when the once brand spanking new laptop that could play any games easily has to be retired.So it's onto a new desktop this time around.Ideally want a top of the range gaming PC at a good price.Fast reliable Processor32 RAMSSD/HDD - plenty ofGraphics card for easily playing Star Citizen and future VR games etc...Plenty of USB/other types of ports for more storage capacity etc...Large case for future improvementsRange under £1000 or up £1,500 for a great deal!Large 4K monitor.Keyboard, mouse etc includedBasically a rig that can easily take on the tough games at the
  7. Options are always good. An option to use the instant result button would be good. I find it contradictory that there is no button in because you are the manager and it would be unrealistic, yet you can manage any club in the World. Narrowing the game options leads to less people playing the game.
  8. I have always loaned out if I could. I make the sure first that he will be a vital player for them, that way he will play every game. It's winning that really matters though so I try to get them at a club that I believe will have a successful season.
  9. I have set a philosophy of youngsters in the 1st team squad. Now last year when asked to find players that is exactly the type of footballer the DoF would go for. So why in FM19 does he suddenly only go for players aged 30+? In the real World I'd have sacked him for incompetence. Like this, the DoF is a complete waste of time.
  10. Everytime I'm dragging a player across the tactics screen to take set pieces the game instead places a Danish unemployed scout called Rene Henriksen! Anyone got a reason why or better still a solution?
  11. Two types of tactic with target men apart from the lump it to him to him tactic. 1 - Two wingers that can actually cross for the target man to head home or find another player. 2 - Target men playing wide so that when the cross comes in the TM is towering over the 5'2" full back.
  12. For me it's the SMSL give youth a chance career. No signing players just promoting from your youth ranks.
  13. Since CM2 all those years ago I have asked for more realistic crowd noise. A crowd of 230 does not sound the same as a crowd of 20,000 with the sound turned down a bit. Also still the stadiums do not have any... character. They are all very generic. No clock tower at one end of the ground or a fans musical instrument area. And most distressing of all there's is still NO STATUE of the club's greatest ever manager... ME!
  14. At the moment we can use fake players in a game. How about fake clubs. leagues, kits, colours and stadia too? Some ideas for random club needs: - London Whites, Manchester Citizens, Liverpool City or even Liverpool United?
  15. Going to give this area a miss again this season as I have done now for way too many seasons. Is it really necessary to spam the boards? Apologies if it sounds like a moaner but just look at it...
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