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  1. Does anyone know how we can sign more coaches and staff??Thats were were weakest but it always get blocked by the board??
  2. given it 5...still same problem! is it still bouncing?
  3. thanks for the quick PM and email.greatly appreaciated!howver iam pasting exactly what the ckeychecker says into it and it says error 703 make sure you use the correct key and try again!???
  4. please could someone upload the app someone else as i cant use rapidshare!??thanks!
  5. dont worry i aslo still have this error!!all the advice we have is to keep trying because the servers busy!!!ive tried it soooo many times aswell!!
  6. Anynews on the 703 error??
  7. Cool Cheers mark,good to know its being looked into. Could you send the info my way cheers!
  8. yes this is exactly what iam stuck with too....30 hour point not for another 2 hours thgh!!!!Must be really busy i geuss!??????
  9. 703 error still ctn get past it does anyone have any ideas??!!please....
  10. i think theyve gone.......this is ridiculous.....ive crossed the 24 hour mark of trying
  11. IS anyone gnna help solve some problems on this forum???It says at the top that there would be helped but have heard no responses for an hour and a half!?
  12. iam still getting 703 error!!!ive pasted the code form your website........ive tried lots of combinations and pressed back and next for hours......please can i have some help??
  13. has anyone got the 703 error and got to work!???ive been pressing back and next so much think my mouse might break!!!
  14. As Stu Uk said about the student!!IAM THAT STUDENT!!!THATS EXACTLY WHATS HAPPENED TO ME!!if id known earlier i wouldve saved my money and got a ticket to see england v austrialia at twickenham!