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  1. Sorry for late reply! Right, I was on CyanogenMod when I noticed this happening - flashed back to a stock ROM to test it, and it didn't happen. Once again flashed back to CyanogenMod again, and surprisingly it didn't happen. So.. seems to have been a bit of a glitch. Not sure if it's a glitch with the ROM or the App though because I can't reproduce since.. might be worth giving it a look because all other apps were working fine at the same time.?
  2. Hello! Using a Nexus 4 here, just bought and installed the game (and logos - but I have also tried without) and when "in" the game, I lose my software navigation buttons (such as back/home/recent apps) and it is replaced entirely with a bar containing a menu button See here for screenshot: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/353034/Screenshot_2013-02-17-22-30-22.png Same thing does NOT happen on a Nexus 7... So, Nexus 4, 1280x768 resolution, Retina skin. Hopefully I'm not going mad... but this is the only app on my phone that removes the software keys... it shouldn't do that. I have to turn my phone off and on to get back to the rest of the OS. Not good. Gracias Lewis
  3. Wasn't quite as easy as adding those lines - so here is a version for download: http://forum.fm-view.net/topic/15589-fm13-default-skin-with-instant-result-button/ Instructions are all in the thread.
  4. That's not quite true. The OSX Vs. Windows market share percentage is generally accurate because they're released by third-party sources. It's the "Personal Computer manufacturers" figures that are biased towards Apple because they include the iPads. I think, without checking, that most recently that OSX was at about 8%, not quite as high as 15%, but still 800 out of 10000 customers.
  5. Bit of a disappointing response really. It's slightly worrying that a huge number of indy developers on the Mac App Store have been able to add full screen support to their apps and games yet SI (who have now had 16-17+ months to do it.... I guess you have Mac developer licenses for pre-release?) have been unable to. As I said last year, we might see it in time for FM15 when OS X has another new window management system. Playing FM 2012 on a Retina MB Pro is horrid. You can't read any of the text without straining your eyes because it's pixelated and doesn't use any of the in-built text rendering methods. You could always set the resolution to the full 2880x1800, but then it's too small to read. I don't care about the graphics being improved as such (that is a massive undertaking - something where a CSS based skin would be amazing), but the text?! Disappointing. @Neil - the problem is, on the Retina MB Pro, you can't enjoy the game. It's almost unplayable. Full screen and you can't read anything, windowed and it's more pixellated than a 8-bit Mario. I still maintain that Mac users are treated as ever so slightly second-class users, both from SI/SEGA and Steam/Valve. The Steam client itself is awful on a Mac and eats most your system resources, and when you put FM into the equation it gets even worse. Still, I'm going off on a tangent now, so I'll stop.
  6. Just off the top of my head: 320x480: iPhone <4 / the standard low-res Android (Most first-gen devices, some low-end ones) 480x800: the standard normal-res Android (Galaxy S2, Most HTC devices) 480x854: Motorola thinking they're funny... 640x960: iPhone >4 / "retina" screen Android devices (Meizu M9?) 1280x720: HD Android devices (One X and Galaxy Nexus) 1280x800: most Android tablets and some 'phones' (Samsung Galaxy Note) 1024x768: iPad / a couple of minor Android tablets (Archos I believe) 1920x1200: A few already confirmed Android tablets (Asus Transformer Infinity) 2048x1536: iPad 3 / potentially a new Samsung Android tablet if rumours are true The list goes on. It's not the easiest thing in the world to cater for... I mean, a dynamic UI would be amazing, but that'd probably mean a full rewrite of the game?
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